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Sister and her Hb. Aibu?

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SalemShadow Mon 18-Mar-19 17:19:35

My sister is always on a budget because of her husband. He is bad with money. Racked up 15k debt as my sister puts it- he can't be on a budget. He got a consolidation loan for 15k and then started spending on all his credit cards/store cards etc. The issue is my sister is good with money but not allowed to control the family money. She has no debt and no credit card by choice. He spends money like water and now they owe my parents 10k which they said they will pay back. I'm sure my sister will. Then I get news that her hb is buying another designer piece of jewellery (over thousand pounds) for baby being born. They always have to take a holiday for his birthday even though they owe money everywhere. Last week she couldn't attend a baby shower because she told me she couldn't afford it and she is coming for a night out Fri. She is wearing some drab old dress from years ago because she told me she can't afford to buy herself a new dress. I'm finding it really upsetting she is constantly going without things while he is constantly splashing out. He was extremely extravagant with my nieces birthday recently. Aibu? I really want to say something to my sister but my husband says it's none of our business.

positivepixie Mon 18-Mar-19 17:37:22

Presume you've asked your sister if she wants to talk about it to you? All you can reasonably do is be there if she does want to talk and offer an opinion if she asks, otherwise you risk damaging your relationship with her for unsolicited opinions.

SalemShadow Mon 18-Mar-19 18:05:49

I haven't said anything. I've bitten my tongue but I feel it's financial abuse.

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