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Would I be judged for being on sick leave

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User100000 Thu 14-Mar-19 14:55:05

I’ve been off work for over five months with work related mental health problems. I’m starting to feel well enough to be looking for a less stressful job. Will my time off sick put people off employing me? I also have a long notice period of three months.

crazycatlady5 Thu 14-Mar-19 15:03:09

I was signed off an old job years ago for 6 months. I decided I was in too deep to go back so I quit. It has never affected getting another job (I’ve had 3 since). As far as I know it can’t be passed on in a reference or anything so you should be fine. Good luck OP flowers

User100000 Thu 14-Mar-19 15:23:14

Thank you, I’m also worried about the long notice period. I was aware of it when I accepted the job but at the time thought I would be there long term so I wouldn’t affect me.

AlwaysCheddar Thu 14-Mar-19 15:30:57

You can ask about sickness and attendance in a job reference. The reason can't be disclosed but they can say the facts, i.e. 3 months off work.

User100000 Thu 14-Mar-19 15:47:52

Yes I thought that was the case. I’ve always had a good sickness record before this period of sick leave.

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