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Possibly moving to Manchester from London

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shouldiorshouldinot Thu 07-Mar-19 12:03:25

Hi everyone,

We are possibly planning on moving to Manchester from London. I've never lived anywhere other than London so it's daunting. I have 4dc 12,10,4,1. The very main thing is excellent schools. St the moment my kids are at outstanding schools so I really hope they can continue like that.
Anybody made the move and how have you found it?
What's the best place to move to with great schools secondary and primary and maybe not too far from the city centre?
Looking for a 4 bed semi or detached
How likely is it to get into food schools and getting into same schools?

Thank you all it's all very overwhelming

shouldiorshouldinot Thu 07-Mar-19 21:26:39

Bump anyone

MoorMummy Thu 07-Mar-19 21:30:32

I live in Heaton Moor. Google it. Lovely , we get a lot of BBC types relocating. Schools are good, both primary and secondary ( have to watch catchment for secondary). Lots of shops, cafes,bars and restaurants. Plenty of parks and open space. 9 mins on train to City centre.

shouldiorshouldinot Thu 07-Mar-19 21:43:41

Moormummy that sound perfect, can I just ask how do you mean you have to watch out for catchment for secondary schools? Is there a particular side in the area I should look at for good secondary schools? Thanks

Tiptoetiptoetiptoe Thu 07-Mar-19 21:51:51

If you want a bit further out, but with direct links to the CC then Altrincham is lovely.
It has very good Primary and Secondary schools and it’s have a recent revamp meaning there is lots going on there now.
They have a direct tram into the city centre which takes about 25-30 minutes.
It’s on the pricier side of Manchester though, so it depends on your budget.

ceeveebee Thu 07-Mar-19 22:03:52

We moved from Richmond to Bowdon (just outside Altrincham) a couple of years ago, we are both originally from the northwest but lived in London for 15 year before moving back up with our two DCc then 4yo twins.

We chose the area for its excellent schools including access to the grammar system, and close proximity to Manchester via the tram, which I get to work every day as can’t get used to driving after years of the tube! Love it now, loads of nice restaurants, bars and shops and have a good bunch of friends mostly through school. Is expensive but not as much as London!

MoorMummy Thu 07-Mar-19 22:30:47

The outstanding secondary is Priestnall. But you have to be on the right side of the A6. I see people above mentioning Bowdon( pricey but v nice) and Altrincham ( lovely) and yes schools are excellent, in fact my DS went to one of the Trafford grammars.

Other areas , Hale, Wilmslow, Bramhall. North Manchester also has some lovely places , but I’m not that well up on them.

Iltavilli Thu 07-Mar-19 22:36:05

The general rule tends to be south of the city is seen as more desirable (with the odd exception). If you’re happy with a grammar system then without question your best bet is Trafford: Altrincham and it’s surrounding areas such as Bowden, Hale, Sale. If you prefer non-grammar then the Heatons of Stockport A’s also mentioned are best. Generally, the secondary schools under Manchester City council in the more desirable areas (Chorlton and Didsbury) don’t have a fantastic reputation, although new secondaries are currently being built and the primaries in those areas are excellent.
Note: I may be in a grump as a pupil from a secondary in one of those desirable areas spat in my front garden this afternoon

lastqueenofscotland Thu 07-Mar-19 22:38:52

What is your budget for a house? Mythical cheap northern property doesn’t really exist in Manchester and some areas are incredibly expensive

southeastdweller Thu 07-Mar-19 22:40:49

Mythical cheap northern property doesn’t really exist in Manchester

Yes it does if the OP is prepared to move to certain areas north and east of the city centre.

Iltavilli Thu 07-Mar-19 22:43:33

@lastqueenofscotland is right. The areas you’re looking at aren’t cheap. For a 4 bed semi / detached, it would start around £350 - 400k and that’s for a doer-upper.

lastqueenofscotland Thu 07-Mar-19 22:45:33

Even Moston/Openshaw/Gorton/Clayton aren’t as cheap as they used to be, unless you go through auction now landlords have got wise to incredibly lucrative rates the council will pay if you let it to them for use to house homeless families...

Anyway, unless you’re coming up with the thick end of a million and can afford didsbury, I’d look at Whalley Range, bits of Withington, Sale, most of Trafford, further out Worsley is gorgeous and a bit cheaper because it’s Salford (though Salford council
Tax is quite a bit higher than Manchester).
The other way you’ve got Greenfield and Uppermill which are lovely and easy links to town, but not sure what the schools would be.

Iltavilli Thu 07-Mar-19 22:50:15

Also north and east of the city (Gorton etc) aren’t the best place to start if schools are your priority.
Saddleworth (Greenfield and Uppermill) aren’t a bad shout but may feel too remote and rural if you’re used to city living. Plus the train service can be “sporadic” - it’s an easy journey to Mossley Hollins and Bluecoat schools, which are both fantastic, from there.

southeastdweller Thu 07-Mar-19 22:52:36

Iltavilli But the OP hasn't said she's only looking in Altrincham and nearby, has she?

Personally, without knowing the budget of the OP, I'd recommend Urmston as a mid-range option. It's got good-ish schools, isn't crazily expensive, and has a bit of a London-y vibe.

user1481834539 Thu 07-Mar-19 22:56:05

I live in wythenshawe. Great place to live barring the odd few things you get in most places

Iltavilli Thu 07-Mar-19 23:02:34

@southeastdweller no she hasn’t, but was clear her priority was schools, and expressed interest in Heaton Moor (which is what the price I mentioned was based upon).
Whilst Urmston is more reasonable than the areas above, a 4 bed detached would likely still be starting at £300k

Coldilox Thu 07-Mar-19 23:23:12

I live in Prestwich which is north of Manchester and comes under Bury. It’s lively, 15 minute tram into the city centre, close to motorway links, lovely parks (biggest public park in Europe is on my doorstep), good schools. Whitefield is the next town out and also nice. Ramsbottom is further out with fewer transport links but has a lively village-y feel and was voted the foodiest town in the UK at some point.

Coldilox Thu 07-Mar-19 23:23:30

*lovely, not lively

lilacrosa Thu 07-Mar-19 23:32:14

If you fancy Altrincham, have a look at Lymm/South Warrington too. Easy access to Manchester via the M56 for work etc and good schools. (Google Lymm High School And Bridgwater High) Also have a look
at Cheadle Hulme. In Manchester, I second looking at Prestwich, also Urmston/Monton as nice places to live, but I am not an expert on the schools round there. Didsbury and Chorlton are desirable. Good luck - Manchester is a great place to live/work'

TimeEnough Thu 07-Mar-19 23:32:52

Another Bowdon mum here - it's a great place to live and Altrincham has pretty much everything you need; cinemas, loads of bars and restaurants, lots of great sports clubs. It is expensive compared to other Manchester areas, but coming from London you might not find it too bad. Schools here are all amazing - which is one of the main reasons the prices are so high.

lastqueenofscotland Thu 07-Mar-19 23:36:23

Basically OP you need to be a bit more specific telling us what you want grin

Manchester is hugely varied, and has its own very unique identity

Lots of good schools in Manchester so knowing your budget is helpful with regard to what you can realistically afford

You say close to the city centre, how close are you talking. Lots of the areas immediately surrounding it (so a 10/20 minute walk) aren’t great (lower broughton, hulme, moss side, Beswick, Cheetham hill etc) how Far out are you willing to consider travelling to town and how frequently will you need to.

Do you need access to any of the motorways?

Do you specifically want a semi/detached?

Do you need to be near any other amenities, certain schools or a hospital with certain facilities?

TimeEnough Thu 07-Mar-19 23:44:47

More details please! With enough info we can even choose the right house for you and then organise your house warming!

Wordie Fri 08-Mar-19 00:12:01

Im prestwich too and I love it! It’s currently the new trendy place and full of young professionals and families. House prices are going up rapidly so feel very lucky to have bought when we did!

I think going with other PPs though, Bowden/Hale/Altrincham/wilmslow areas are lovely.

AutumnColours9 Fri 08-Mar-19 00:16:04

Some areas of Stockport are nice and accessible to CC easily by train. Some good schools too. Also New Mills just over the border lovely access to Peak District.
Mellor, Marple, Marple Bridge, Bramhall in Stockport.
Further in Chorlton and Didsbury.

Gomyownway Fri 08-Mar-19 00:22:47

Housing in Manchester (especially in nicer areas with good schools) is a minefield. Prices are rising rapidly. Just looking at areas like levenshulme, where a house worse 150k five years ago is selling almost double now.

Yes there are cheaper areas (which are almost exclusively in the north), but they don’t tend to be places bursting with good schools. I wouldn’t consider living in Mostin or Hapurhey personally, and realistically how many ‘naice’ MNetters would?

Maybe look at Middleton OP. Nice area on the Rochdale/Manchester border, and no-where near as pricy as places in the south. You can get a 5 bed house there for about 350k

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 10:00:37

Thank you everyone, if I go towards the grammar school area and if my children don't get in are the schools generally good in that area too?
So I don't want a rural area I'm used to city and my budget I would say £300,000-£320,000. Could go slightly higher but would prefer not too.
Hope that helps smile

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 10:01:41

Ceeveebee that's sounds amazing. Are you enjoying it, and how
Long have you been there? I'm so worried I'll regret it and really miss London hmm

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 10:03:36

Oh and I forgot to add, I'd like somewhere where there are lots of young families so my kids can make friends.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 10:06:17

lastqueenofscotland sorry should have said, I guess as long as I can reach the city centre by 20-30 mins drive that would be good. But again If areas that close are not great then I'll happily move further back.

PutyourtoponTrevor Fri 08-Mar-19 10:07:33

Urmston - good transport links, hospital, good schools, near to Trafford Centre, lots of young families, lots of things to do. You'll be looking at a bit more than £300k for a detached house though, house across the road from mums is a standard 3 bed semi and has just sold for £320k

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 10:11:29

Is there any particular areas which area a no go and I should avoid

lilacrosa Fri 08-Mar-19 10:21:59

With that extra information @shouldiorshouldinot - I'd go for Prestwich!

lastqueenofscotland Fri 08-Mar-19 10:31:59

In that case with your budget another vote for Urmston or the area of Swinton south of the east lancs road (Worsley road area) and maybe Monton?

Areas people avoid are very personal! The main one for me would be avoiding Fallowfield like the plague, unless you want to be kept awake by uni students all night evey night.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 10:45:46

lilacrosa and lastqueenofscotland thank you so much for your help, I will look into these areas.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 10:51:40

How is Irlam? That's seems to come up
A lot of right move ?

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 10:55:11

And cheadle? That pops up a lot too

MaMaMaMySharona Fri 08-Mar-19 10:59:27

I moved from London to Manchester in 2017. Lived in the city centre for a year, then we moved to Knutsford in December. Knutsford is pretty far out from Manchester (if you need to commute to central), but it is absolutely stunning and such a lovely place to raise kids.

Also agree with PPs about Altrincham - I work there and it's also lovely! Much prefer it up here to London.

FunnyTinge Fri 08-Mar-19 11:05:45

The non-grammar schools in South Trafford are all good I'd say (certainly ACA, Ashton on Mersey and Wellington, North Cestrian is still finding its feet maybe? I've heard good reports from Sale High too. There's BTH if you're Catholic as well).

Iltavilli Fri 08-Mar-19 11:07:59

You’ve had some great suggestions here!

My only flag would be wanting to be a 20-30 min drive from the city centre. Manchester is not a pleasant place to drive around and the council are actively discouraging car travel in the city centre. Is driving a dealbreaker for you?

Arnoldthecat Fri 08-Mar-19 11:08:24

Thinking about Heaton moor, its one of those areas that has been ramped up over the years mostly by estate agents of course and it has now styled itself as one of those high end areas such as chorlton and didsbury. Of course walking round heaton moor, you can tell that historically it has always been an affluent area. There are plenty of big houses with fine features which were clearly inhabited by the better off in previous eras. Many have been split up into flats,some very nice and others more like bedsit land.

There is a lot of snobbery. For instance, on the road which spans the railway bridge at the edge of heaton moor border close to the A6, they have commisioned a nice cast iron wall sign with two arrows, one pointing to heaton moor and the other to nearby heaton chapel which of course isnt seen as quite a desirable as heaton moor.

They recently reorganised the electoral boundaries and the orignal proposals would have seen a chunk of HM included with Heaton chapel. Well the shit hit the fan big time,,,people so scare of being lumped in with another area which included what were perceived to be less desirable areas,,claims that heaton moor was a "village" ,, etc etc...

I suppose that in this broken country,one of the big drivers IS schools and of course priestnall is well respected. I have no idea what its catchment area is but surely a chunk of Burnaage nearby must be in it?

Alternatively you could dare to cross the aforementioned frontier bridge and check out heaton chapel and the village of south Reddish which are perfectly decent places to live ,,err,,and many people do.

AllTheUserNamesAreTaken Fri 08-Mar-19 11:09:20

Cheadle is very nice but you will struggle to get 4 bed close to the village, within your budget. You would be able to get 3 bed for about £300/£320k near Cheadle village


shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 11:09:48

Mamamamysharona thank you, I'm so glad you put my mind to rest that you're not regretting moving. Which part of London did you move from? I'm from sw London

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 11:12:56

Thank you all. I guess if schools are very local driving isn't that much of a dealbreaker. I live currently 5 mins from the shopping centre where they have all the shops possible and also an Ikea etc. Which places are there around Manchester which have big shopping centres?

Roffle2019 Fri 08-Mar-19 11:17:55

@Coldilox do you live in Windsor or Staffordshire then?! The largest public park in the UK - let alone Europe - is not in Manchester! Google it ☺️

AllTheUserNamesAreTaken Fri 08-Mar-19 11:18:14

I agree Arnoldcatand think that snobbery extends to a lot of areas of south Manchester, including Cheadle. In Cheadle the snobbery is in relation to whether you are an SK8 or an SK3 postcode!

Arnoldthecat Fri 08-Mar-19 11:25:20

Also there are a hell of a lot of "villages" springing up in what are quite simply just suburbs of bigger towns and cities. For example all the above mentioned areas are in Greater Manchester.

There are no duck ponds, maypoles or similar village like accoutrements
in HM,cheadle,Chorlton,didsbury etc,,, there is a large village green in the village of southReddish nearby complete with a pavilion ,childrens play area and bowling green which is simply delightful in summer. The village green in south reddish has for many years held the coveted green flag award until Stockport MBC decided to cost cut and stop sponsoring it. grin

lastqueenofscotland Fri 08-Mar-19 11:25:59

Shopping centre wise Urmston isn’t too far from the Trafford centre.
There’s a supermarket archipelago in Swinton which isn’t too far from Monton or the area I mentioned south of the east lancs road.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 11:35:24

Thank you ladies. Any idea about Irlam?

lilacrosa Fri 08-Mar-19 11:36:51

I forgot about Sale @shouldiorshouldinot ! And I think Heaton Park is (Or was?) the largest municipal park in Europe. In any case, it's a really nice park!

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 11:38:54

lilacrosa thank you I will check sale, it's been mentioned a few times x

FunnyTinge Fri 08-Mar-19 11:39:34

Irlam/Caddishead are a little isolated, as you're trapped between the ship canal and the M62. Consequently they're very....parochial, I guess the term would be!

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 11:40:44

FunnyTinge that's interesting thank you there seemed to be a lot of properties there for sale.

Rachierach11 Fri 08-Mar-19 11:41:05

I’m in Heaton Moor and love it! DH works in Manchester CC and gets train very easily every morning/evening. Fantastic nurseries & schools, easy to get to the motorway for access to the rest of greater Manchester and beyond and loads of lovely bars, cafes and restaurants. Also a few lovely parks for the kids and always things going on in the community. Housing isn’t particularly cheap but cheaper than some of the neighbouring areas and I’m sure it’s cheaper than what you’d be used to

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 11:42:51

Rachierach1 that's sounds fab, how far from the cc? Or the closest shopping centre ?

Hobbesmanc Fri 08-Mar-19 11:44:17

My own suburb is often overlooked although its a desirable SK8 postcode- Gatley. Its a fabulous place for bringing up kids- loads of green spaces including a skate park and a fantastic wildlife reserve hidden away. Both primaries are really well rated- one was in the top fifty in the last Sunday Times and the other has just had an outstanding OFSTED- very highly subscribed though so check catchments.

It's less fashionable than neighboring Cheadle.but house prices are more manageable and decrease the closer to Sharston you look. Its five mins from the M60, 40 mins drive into town on a good morning, tens mins to the nearest metrolink and has its own station with fast trains to the city twice an hour. Housing is mainly thirties semis or seventies detached. We have 2 decent pubs, a couple of wine bars and half a dozen restaurants plus a Co-op and Tesco express.

The local secondary Kingsway has mixed reputation but has been improving but lots of kids bus to the grammars or Parrs Wood in Didsbury is a couple of miles.

As you can tell I'm super passionate about it- its just a lovely community.

PutyourtoponTrevor Fri 08-Mar-19 11:44:20

Irlam is a dump, I'd totally avoid, got absolutely nothing going for it apart from traffic jams

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 11:44:33

I'm a hot confused, when I put in Heaton moor and dew other places mentioned on right move, some places come up in Cheshire ?

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 11:46:35

Hobbesmanc that sound lovely I'll check that too

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 11:47:35

Putyourtopontrevor ahh thanks for that. Will avoid.

lastqueenofscotland Fri 08-Mar-19 11:51:04

The heatons are technically Cheshire.

AllTheUserNamesAreTaken Fri 08-Mar-19 11:59:55

The Heatons are part of Stockport which used to be within Cheshire but then the boundaries changed and Stockport, including Cheadle, Gatley, HM, became part of Greater Manchester. Most addresses will still have Cheshire though, rather than GM

LaPufalina Fri 08-Mar-19 12:00:01

Stretford is up-and-coming, is better value than neighbouring chorlton (my house is currently for sale in the latter but above your target budget unfortunately!) and it has a grammar school and the Trafford centre nearby for shopping. Very quick into Manchester on the tram.
I moved from SW London, too, I feel quite at home here after four years.

Mmmmbrekkie Fri 08-Mar-19 12:03:28

Fenuije question

You’re moving from London. With a budget of circa £300k

Where the heck did you live in London?!

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 12:04:25

Ahh thanks everyone I was confused about the Cheshire thing.

Rachierach11 Fri 08-Mar-19 12:04:47

shouldiorshouldinot It’s about 8 minutes on the train to the CC. There are also plenty of buses. Stockport centre is closer but not many good shops. Trafford Centre is approx 20 mins on the motorway but I find Manchester centre the best for shopping.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 12:06:45

Lapufalina thank you, I'm
So glad you feel at home. It's so daunting considering moving and the thought of regretting it is awful. I'll miss the London weather that's for sure, not that's it's brilliant but better than up north.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 12:07:52

Mmmmbrekkie lol I'm moving because I want to reduce my mortgage or be mortgage free quicker. I have a 3 bed house here in London which I bought at a good time.

LaPufalina Fri 08-Mar-19 12:13:13

I do miss London a bit but get to go back a fair bit for work. I bought a three bed house after selling my London flat so that sweetened the move a bit!
One thing that I find good is that Manchester is a decent size, so you get good restaurants and theatre without being overwhelmed by choice like you can be in London.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 12:17:11

LaPufalina that sounds amazing, that's what I'm hoping that reducing my mortgage size and increasing the house size will sweeten the move a bit wink

2pointfourmonkeys Fri 08-Mar-19 12:23:51

For your budget you will be limited on the south side of manchester sadly. I'm in Sale and just had look on Rightmove, theres nothing that meets your criteria.

Urmston and Stretford may be better if you want access to Trafford schools.

Trafford has a reputation for high quality schools, I'm not sure how much of this is true these days compared with other areas, but is definitely affecting prices, helped by good transport, easy access to Media City for BBC and ITV, and close to the Trafford Centre.

Salford has some lovely areas to live, but also has areas of extreme deprivation, the secondary schools cover wide catchments and believe a lot of families go out of the area for high school (judging by the number of school buses i pass on my way to work)

Good luck with the hunt!

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 12:33:01

2pointfourmonkeys thank you. Do you know which areas in Salford I should avoid?

lastqueenofscotland Fri 08-Mar-19 12:50:13

I think Salford regeneration is a bi weird so giving blanker areas to avoid is hard? Bits of Swinton, lovely other bits, not so much?
But I would probably avoid Langworthy and the but around Salford shopping city more than other bits

FlamboyantPotato Fri 08-Mar-19 13:00:14

I'm a "naice" person living next to Harpurhey/Moston wink It's improving, though I'd not go as far as saying it's gentrifying. Schools are mostly new academies or former failing comps that got turned into academies (the Co-op sponsor a few), and none are outstanding AFAIK. Definitely a lower socioeconomic area still. We just take the 15min ride to the city centre when we want bars and restaurants.

We mostly live here because for less than £400 a month we own a 3bed home with driveway, garage, front and back garden in a nice little cul de sac. We even know our neighbours, who are also naice wink

Trafford schools are very oversubscribed I believe, you may struggle to get them in midway through.

Liverbird77 Fri 08-Mar-19 13:38:24

We moved last year. We went from Kilburn to Didsbury and it is the best move we could have made! It is fabulous for young kids, there are two outstanding primary schools. There are grammars, however Didsbury is out of catchment so they'd have to score higher in the entrance exams. Come and look round, you'll love it!

Hobbesmanc Fri 08-Mar-19 13:40:02

*Lapufalina thank you, I'm
So glad you feel at home. It's so daunting considering moving and the thought of regretting it is awful. I'll miss the London weather that's for sure, not that's it's brilliant but better than up north.*

Awww honest the rain thing is a bit of a myth. For sure its wetter than London- and Manchester surrounded by hills can feel peculiarly oppressive in heavy rain. But we rarely get snow. I don't think you'll miss the culture either. Sure we're a lot smaller - but everything is easy to get to. The city centre has everything within 15 minutes on foot or the free buses. I love the shops in town but there's also the Trafford Centre.

The Manchester food scene has gone totally mad the last few years and you'll be surprised at the huge range of choices- plus theres been a concerted move by some suburbs to identify as villages - Didsbury, Chorlton etc with their own bar and restaurant scene.

I'll be honest and advise caution with some of the less gentrified but cheaper areas especially in Salford or North and East Manchester.

icannotremember Fri 08-Mar-19 13:49:30

priestnall is well respected. I have no idea what its catchment area is but surely a chunk of Burnaage nearby must be in it?

Burnage comes under Manchester though and Priestnall is a Stockport school, so I think Burnage addresses would be lower priority despite being very close.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 13:52:04

Thank you everyone you've all been so helpful.

LivingDeadGirlUK Fri 08-Mar-19 13:59:48

So I am also a Londoner in Manchester. After living in Salford quays we moved to Prestwich last year. We have a toddler and its been great for groups. The 'village' is full of nice shops and cafes as well as handy supermarkets. Schools are great too and we are close to lovely parks. You can get the tram into the city center really easily or it is a 15 min drive if not at rush hour. At rush hour it is a bloody nightmare and I would not wish that journey on my worst enemy lol.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 15:40:59

Livingdeadgirluk oh I know too well about the traffic hours 🤦‍♀️. That sounds good I will check into prestwich too. How long have you lives in Manchester? Do you like it?

Redissuereader Fri 08-Mar-19 15:54:28

I think Sale comes under Trafford so yeah, its a grammar school area. South Manchester generally has a reputation for being a bit more cosmopolitan, I'm not sure whether that is a fair reputation or not but there is certainly loads of bars, restaurants, cafe's and life around Didsbury/Chorlton/Heaton Moor. I like it round here and like MoorMummy said its a 9 min train journey to commute to the city centre from H Moor or a 25 min tram journey from Didsbury area.

Sale is alright and would be closer to your budget than the areas mentioned above. The reason the house prices are so expensive in those areas is the schools, they are generally outstanding primary schools in Didsbury and H Moor and H Moor has an outstanding secondary (which is what makes the house prices rise)

Didsbury, Chorlton and H Moor are not in grammar catchment areas though.

Trafford is the only borough that has grammar schools, that includes areas like Altrincham, Hale, Bowden and the house prices in those areas are high for that reason. Generally people move there as they have aspirations for their kids, this means events ones that don't get in to grammar schools have parents who want them to do well.

I think given your budget I would be looking around the Sale/Urmston area and doing some detective work into primaries in those areas. Then you have the chance of grammar should that be an option you would like.

Wordie Fri 08-Mar-19 16:37:01

Realistically OP there are lovely areas but they are nestled in between terrible areas. It’s difficult to get an idea of what it’s like unless you come up to see them. I moved to Manchester 5 years ago and we’ve ended up in some really dodgy areas before moving to prestwich. You could buy a house on one street and it be lovely but move 2 streets over and it can be completely different!

O4FS Fri 08-Mar-19 16:49:46


I have made exactly the same move (from SW London, 4 DCs).

Love living here. I’d recommend living somewhere on the tram line. Trafford schools very good, but don’t get hung up on grammar schools.

WhatNow40 Fri 08-Mar-19 17:17:36

Another vote for Sale/Urmston. All the schools are at least good and if you are selective in which catchment you buy in, you could get outstanding without to much bother. Lots of parks and outdoor spaces, kids activities etc. Urmston is a short drive from Trafford Centre and Trafford Park, there isn't much you would need to go to Manchester City Centre for if you didn't want to. There are also a nice mix of independent traders on the high streets, butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer etc. It's good quality and has a lovely vibe without being pretentious.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 17:18:36

Readiesurereader tgank you so much, you've gone into a lot of detail which really helps.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 17:19:21

Wordie oh that's a pity, we will definitely come up and have a look but I guess it's hard to judge that you quickly.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 17:20:25

04FS ah someone in the same host as me. When did you move and are you happy you did? Which are are you in now?

O4FS Fri 08-Mar-19 17:28:38

I’m in Trafford, been here 9 years now. I really love living here. MN was amazing, and I made some cracking RL friends (in those days we had meet ups).

Not a smidgen of regret.

Although I did have a look at my old thread and it made me chuckle. Seems like a lifetime ago!

MaMaMaMySharona Fri 08-Mar-19 17:43:53

@shouldiorshouldinot I moved from SW too! I worked in the City and was so fed up with the commute, SW trains were the bane of my life and I was dreading going every day.

Honestly I don’t miss London at all - Manchester is so much fun! Whilst we lived in the city we had everything at our fingertips - pubs, bars, restaurants, tourism attractions, parks, the canals! Just loved it. So much to do all the time!

Knutsford is definitely too far out for what you’re looking for (we both wanted more countryside and less people 😂) but absolutely worth visiting, it’s super nice here.

anniehm Fri 08-Mar-19 17:46:58

Unfortunately £300k won't buy a big house in a nice neighbourhood even north of Watford gap! Plenty of lower price options but you need to reduce your expectations or increase your budget. Even where I live that's cheaper nice areas are £300k+ for a 3 bed detached, for the bargains it's 3 bed ex council semis (around £120k)

highlandcoo Fri 08-Mar-19 17:47:00

Hi OP I know what it’s like moving to Manchester as a completely unknown city. I moved there from Scotland years ago and the consistent advice from work colleagues was to house-hunt south of the city centre, where the population is more fluid and you’ll meet people who’ve moved from all over which can make for a more welcoming atmosphere. Although local people are also great .. Manchester is a friendly place.
Have a look at Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme, two “villages” that blend into one another with excellent high schools and brilliant local primaries.
Bramhall has a village centre with two independent butchers, a Boots and another pharmacists, a couple of independent cafes and lots of restaurants as well as a small Sainsbury’s in the precinct where there’s a lovely tea-shop and a small children’s play area. Also a fab craft shop and a pottery painting place. Best of all Simply Books, our independent bookshop which runs book clubs, author events and activities for kids in the school holidays.
It’s a great place to bring up children. There are nurseries attached to local primary schools plus a lovely playgroup at the Methodist church.
You can drive into the CC in half an hour at quiet times, much longer in the rush hour, but I usually take the train.
The Edwardian semis near the village centre are dearer than your suggested budget but if you look at more modern houses on the Hursthead estate in Cheadle Hulme, or Australia estate in Bramhall, they’re more affordable.
And Bramhall won an award for the friendliest village in Britain a couple of years ago.
To be honest, it’s suburbia, not city centre living, but Manchester CC is less than twenty minutes away in the train.
Jeez that was a saga!
Good luck wherever you choose

anniehm Fri 08-Mar-19 17:49:19

Ps when we relocated we rented for a year - partly because selling and buying at the same time is a pain but it worked out brilliantly, you can shop around better once you live there.

Arnoldthecat Fri 08-Mar-19 18:02:28

I think its the 4 bed requirement thats a bit of a deal breaker. Any compromise in this? Maybe you could seek a 3 bed that could be adapted in some way?

I guess a major issue for many is schools.

I wouldnt discount outlying areas though. Go for square footage. Heres one in Irlam area

Now the thing i like about Irlam is that it has good transport links and is not that far from a more rural environment.

Heres an example;

DrPimplePopper Fri 08-Mar-19 18:11:56

I live in and work in schools throughout South Manchester, particularly the Heatons and Reddish. There are great areas and even those not highly spoken of are still lovely. All schools have their ups and downs, but just be aware that even the 'best' such as Priestnall mentioned by pp have their issues and may be changing to academies (or so I hear, but don't quote me!)

Trafford LEA is excellent and lots of friends relocated to places like Urmston to take advantage of the Trafford schools.

One of the really nice areas I've worked is called Dane Bank, the schools there are always oversubscribed and rated very highly.

Marple and Marple Bridge are beautiful with a village feel, not as convenient for driving to CC, but train links are great.

Stockport schools are not as well funded compared to Manchester schools, (think Manc pupils get an extra £700 per pupil) including academies, so that may be something to think about.

Arnoldthecat Fri 08-Mar-19 18:47:05

Indeed,,and dont discount other schools which have good and improving records for example reddish vale school. There should be a good spread of properties within your budget and within its catchment area..

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 19:35:06

04FS I looked at your post the other day. How weird. Where did you move in the end? Do you like it? So interesting to hear feedback from you after reading your initial post.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 19:36:11

Arnoldthecat funny I was looking at that house the other day. Pps have mentioned Irlam as not being great ?

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 20:45:23

Highlandcoo terrifying isn't it moving to
A new city? Almost like starting over. Thank you for you info, I'm going to have to check all areas on a map and work from there.

LivingDeadGirlUK Fri 08-Mar-19 20:50:29

@shouldiorshouldinot I have been here 7 years and love it! Couldn't pay me to move back to London.

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 21:09:04

Livingdeadgirluk that's nice to hear.

mightyducks Fri 08-Mar-19 21:32:40

@shouldiorshouldinot I’m from Salford and I couldn’t recommend Irlam to you, it’s cut off from the rest of Salford and the traffic is terrible, especially when you get the Trafford Centre traffic and Manchester United playing at home and a rugby match thrown in. There is a big Tesco though if that floats your boat but that’s all I can say for it!If you want any advice on Salford areas then just ask

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