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About my neighbours rubbish?

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TheNightmareNeighbourNextDoor Tue 05-Mar-19 11:59:50

I live in a semi and the state of the house next door is awful.

It's owned by 3 people who keep putting family members in there but they pay no rent.

Each family member has come and gone over the years but every time someone new comes in they have a huge clearout which involves dumping the rubbish out the front and back of the house - not bothering to maintain the outside of the house and not bothering to mow the lawn.

The last family member to move in brought about 3 cars with them and caravan. All 3 cars are untaxed but parked on the drive but are in bits, jacked up with wheels missing etc. The caravan is parked half on the pavement and half on the road.

They also cleared out the previous occupiers belongings and piled it up out the back.
They then moved out and another family member moved in whilst all the rubbish was still out the back, cars out the front and lawn overgrown.

They haven't added to the rubbish but they have made no attempt to mow the lawn or clear up either.

The state of the front of the house has been reported over the years and every now and again a bit here and there out the front gets removed but then more gets added to it.

The caravan has been reported also and that's still there a year after people have been reporting it.

I haven't reported anything and I have never fallen out with them -
To be fair I have always "got on" with everyone that's ever lived there and they aren't noisy and don't generally cause me a nuisance.

Now - the problem is I want to sell - not because of the state of next door but for other personal reasons and I can't see in a million years it would sell due to the state of next door.

I have asked if they will clear up the rubbish and mow the lawn and they have said they have no lawnmower/strimmer - I have offered them mine but they have refused.

So my question is - if I persuade them to clear up or end up doing it for them - I may even pay them as an incentive to clear up - would I need to disclose this on the form when selling?
Is it classed as something that MIGHT cause a dispute?

I can't see that the current occupiers would throw any rubbish out as they haven't but they haven't cleared up what's already there either.

I've managed to track down the 2 owners and they basically couldn't care less either.
I don't want to report it as then I will have to disclose it.

I'm not trying to pull the wool over a potential buyers eyes as I genuinely don't think that these lot will dump any further rubbish but I do believe they wont bother mowing the lawn.


Thesuzle Tue 05-Mar-19 12:04:29

Hi op
I feel for you. Isn’t rubbish dumping an offence and anti social ?
How about a call to the environmental health dpt saying you have seen rats in your garden and watched them scurry back over to the “bad side”
Good luck I do hope you get to move

TheNightmareNeighbourNextDoor Tue 05-Mar-19 12:44:57

Thanks Thesuzie - if I reported it to env health I would have to disclose it so i'm trying to avoid that if I can!

TheNightmareNeighbourNextDoor Tue 05-Mar-19 13:57:15

just to add the people that lived the other side of them reported them to the council for the rubbish at the back and the council said there was nothing they could do as it wasn't out the front!

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