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AIBU to think you can get headaches due to the weather?

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Aberforthsgoat Thu 28-Feb-19 15:17:47

I’m on a roll with threads today - can you tell I have a day to myself!!grin

I get what I refer to as oppression or tension headaches, like oppressive pressure from above. Had them all my life and I get them when it gets really overcast with black clouds, when it’s stormy or particularly cloudy with angry black clouds.
My mum gets them and her mum used to get them to.

DH thinks I’m stark raving mad and that there can not possibly be any correlation between the weather and a headache but it happens EVERY time and that’s the only real time I get them.

Sometimes I can accurately predict it’s going to storm or get darker/rain because of the feeling of oppression.

AIBU? Or do other people get this too!

WhatHaveIFound Thu 28-Feb-19 15:22:53

My DH gets migraines with extreme low pressure weather. The first time it happened it was very frightening and our GP sent him to A&E. I think it's now happened 3or4 times in the 30 years I've know him so obviously the weather has to be really bad.

Fiveredbricks Thu 28-Feb-19 15:23:47

I do. I get a migraine and stomach migraine when it's very 'heavy' and 'close' out. I can pretty much tell a thunderstorm is about to happen several hours earlier as I get so sick.

There's kids (now adults I guess) near Chenobyl who get weather sick like a shitty superpower. Google them - it's crazy.

ShirleyPhallus Thu 28-Feb-19 15:24:45

Yep, it’s the low pressure

I get them with those bleak, grey days when you can’t even see the sky cos it’s that murky colour

DrBuckles Thu 28-Feb-19 15:25:30

Yes it’s definitely a thing.

AnnieOH1 Thu 28-Feb-19 15:27:42

I recall my mom always complaining of weather headaches when I was younger. She had a brain hemorrhage at 36 years old. She survived but never complained of those headaches again. It was uncontrolled high blood pressure that caused her bleed. No aneurysm or other structural issue. Please keep an eye on things.

jcmayj Thu 28-Feb-19 15:28:58

YANBU, I have had this when change in the weather

BossAssBitch Thu 28-Feb-19 15:33:41

Your DH needs to brush up on his science, OP.

Of course changes in the weather can trigger headaches. Pressure sets off chemical and electrical changes in the brain, which can result in headaches. My gran used to get nosebleeds when it thundered. I get terrible pressure headaches when it's dull and grey.

AGnu Thu 28-Feb-19 15:35:51

I get migraines when it's hot & sunny rather than when it's overcast. I do get a weird sense of oppression before a storm though - it really affects my anxiety & it doesn't let up until it's rained heavily. I can also taste when a storm is coming... You should've seen the look on DH's face when I first mentioned I could taste that it was going to rain later - it was a perfectly nice day at that point but I was right! grin

KaliforniaDreamz Thu 28-Feb-19 15:37:00

yes i do. so do my mum and sister!

babysharkah Thu 28-Feb-19 15:37:48

It's totally a thing - pressure.

ShakeYourTailFeathers Thu 28-Feb-19 15:38:31

Yes it's a thing. Where I live we get Chinooks (the wind, not the helicopter) which come with a big air pressure change and lots of people complain the get a headache with them

MargoLovebutter Thu 28-Feb-19 15:40:04

It is definitely a thing. I'm really sensitive to pressure changes and get horrible headaches when the pressure is low. They're called barometric pressure headaches.

Aberforthsgoat Thu 28-Feb-19 15:40:06

@annieoh1 that’s scary glad she survived it. I’ve had my blood pressure checked regularly at various check ups and always been fine so hopefully mine is more what everyone else is saying (I’m prone to health anxiety so I catastrophise anyway)

I’m going to show DH this thread! Even though I’m sorry everyone else suffers them too, I’m glad it’s not just me being mad!

ShannonRockallMalin Thu 28-Feb-19 15:42:23

Definitely. I always get headaches in the hours before a thunderstorm.

Witchend Thu 28-Feb-19 15:44:35

I can tell if a storm is coming by my head. Dh finds it hard to believe, but has to admit I am rarely wrong.
He also doesn't believe that when my hair needs washing I also get a headache-it clears as soon as I've washed it.

ChakiraChakra Thu 28-Feb-19 15:45:24

Yep. My science might be TOTALLY off with this, but we know that eyes are sensitive to pressure, and ears are, so it's would seem fairly straightforward to me that if at least two things in the head that interact with the outside are going to pick up and be affected by it, of course the inside of the head could be affected, either by the changes or signals the eyes and ears are broadcasting or more directly somehow.

QueenOfCatan Thu 28-Feb-19 15:51:28

Yep. I got them often when I lived in Brighton! Now I'm back in flat land and only get them when it's really overcast or going to be stormy.

MirriVan Thu 28-Feb-19 16:18:15

Yup, storm headaches are totally A Thing.

percheron67 Thu 28-Feb-19 16:21:42

Very much so. I have "thunder" headaches and, also, "snow" headaches. I have migraine anyway so the air pressure is an extra cause.

Sewrainbow Thu 28-Feb-19 16:21:44

Absolutely you can, mum and I do as does dh. I did think mum was talking nonsense when I was younger though until I got them myself.

LucyFox Thu 28-Feb-19 16:33:16

🙋‍♀️ Yes - another weather headache sufferer here. It’s definitely a “thing”

I get “hungry headaches”, “tired headaches”, “thirsty headaches”, “weather headaches” etc & they are all different. Weather headaches usually feel like a heavy weight pressing down on my head whilst thirsty headaches are more in my temples & stress/tension headaches at the back of my head.

Hearthside Thu 28-Feb-19 16:43:21

Absolutely you can . I get migraine and one of my triggers is a windy day or a thunder migraine if there is a storm brewing .You can pretty much guarantee if there is going to be a weather day like that i will get a migraine.

DaisyDreaming Thu 28-Feb-19 17:33:45

Fiverbricks- do you have a link? I can’t find anything on google

Fluffyears Thu 28-Feb-19 18:01:06

I’vevaieays haf ‘pressure’ headaches when they weather is thundery x

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