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To ask for very fast stain remover help (poonami)

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Cinnacat Thu 28-Feb-19 07:54:35

Staying at a friend's house. They're at work all day. Baby was laying on his back on the bed. Fresh nappy so not sure what happened. Poo... there is poo everywhere. On the sheets, on the mattress...

I've tried getting it out but it's not working 😥 help!!! Want the sort it before they get back from work!

Sassypants82 Thu 28-Feb-19 08:02:11

Sunlight breaks down the bilirubin in baby's poo and lifts the stain. Can you wash & leave in the sun, presuming there is any where you are?

Birdsgottafly Thu 28-Feb-19 08:03:05

You need a degreaser, I use Elbow Grease, then I do a bicarb/washing powder mix.

Can you get to a shop that sells stain remover?

What have you tried?

GirlOnIt Thu 28-Feb-19 08:04:32

Washing up liquid (green fairy seems to work best) neat with a bit of water and scrub. Gets almost any stain out.

MRex Thu 28-Feb-19 08:51:14

Fairy liquid quickly, then dry in the sun.

Cinnacat Thu 28-Feb-19 09:26:24

I raided their cupboard and found a stain removal bar - amazing thing! How have I never heard of them!! Thanks all.

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