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To ask if it’s ok to wear sunglasses in winter?

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Snowflakes1122 Mon 18-Feb-19 14:50:19

I’m sat outside school. It’s a sunny day, I look dreadful after another sleepless night m, thanks to my baby dc grin

So is it acceptable to wear sunglasses in winter (to hide the bags under my eyes)?

glamorousgrandmother Mon 18-Feb-19 14:52:16

I wear them when I need to. I don't care what anybody else thinks. They're prescription so I sometimes forget to take them off when it clouds over or I go indoors though.

Tomtontom Mon 18-Feb-19 14:52:41

Of course it is. Not sure why you'd need to ask.

formerbabe Mon 18-Feb-19 14:52:41

Yes! I often wear sunglasses in winter. They're prescription ones so actually not only help me to see but cover up the fact that I might have had no time to do my make up or am looking rough!

Onceuponacheesecake Mon 18-Feb-19 14:53:35

Of course it is. Low winter sun is blinding. Get them on

Snowflakes1122 Mon 18-Feb-19 14:53:38

glamorousgrandmother-I have prescription sunglasses too. I’ve worn them around Tesco’s before m, so I can see what I’m doing better. grin

Snowflakes1122 Mon 18-Feb-19 14:54:54

I just wonder if they are more of a summer thing, and I’d look a bit stupid in them in Feb blush

Coffeeisnecessary Mon 18-Feb-19 14:56:30

I wear them all year round, my eyes are so sensitive to sunlight. I've had a couple of jokey comments about thinking I'm a celebrity but I don't care!

steff13 Mon 18-Feb-19 14:57:02

It's appropriate to wear them whenever it's sunny. I wear mine year-round, and my newly-acquired prescription glasses have transitions lenses, so I don't have a choice; they go dark on their own in the sun.

glamorousgrandmother Mon 18-Feb-19 14:57:31

You won't look stupid. It can be very bright at this time of year and can be dazzling driving when the sun is low.

ThomasHardyPerennial Mon 18-Feb-19 14:58:30

They are called sunglasses, not 'only in summer glasses'. I'd rather protect my eyes year round!

Evennow Mon 18-Feb-19 15:00:31

Sunglasses are for sun, whenever. Low sun in winter is blinding.

Lungelady Mon 18-Feb-19 15:02:33

I wear them all year eyes are very sensitive to sun and wind.
I have prescription varifocals

Hittapotamus Mon 18-Feb-19 15:03:47

I get light triggered migraines so regularly do the school run in them due to the low angle of the sun.

LeSquigh Mon 18-Feb-19 15:04:29

I wear them all year round, especially for driving when the sun is this low.

anniehm Mon 18-Feb-19 15:05:18

When it's sunny! That applies whether it's summer or winter

ArmchairTraveller Mon 18-Feb-19 15:07:34

I wear them for driving when it’s sunny, any time of year. It’s a bit sad that you are bothered about how it might look. Want them, wear them.

rosinavera Mon 18-Feb-19 15:09:01

You absolutely should wear sunglasses in winter.

VanillaSauce Mon 18-Feb-19 15:09:28

Sunglasses are for sun not summer.

RedBerryTea Mon 18-Feb-19 15:10:06

Of course you can wear them in winter! I wear mine whenever it's sunny - that's because they're 'sunglasses' not 'summerglasses'! We picked up our DD from the train station on Saturday and were both wearing our sunnies while sat waiting in the car. DD got in the car and said, "you two look like the Men in Black". We're now Agent M and Agent D grin

TortoiseLettuce Mon 18-Feb-19 15:10:51

When you’re cool the sun shines on you all year round grin

Fiveredbricks Mon 18-Feb-19 15:10:56

They're sun-glasses not summer glassses.

Toooldtocareanymore Mon 18-Feb-19 15:18:22

there is a group of mums at my ds school often wearing sunglasses in the yard at pick up time, probably even more this time of year when sun can be low, I commented on it one day to a mum I was friendly with as there were maybe 6 of us and I was only one with no shades, and apparently they all had laser eye surgery over the years ( ironically so they didn't have to wear reading glasses) and have found they are more sensitive to light, i'd never heard it before but my optician confirmed it at a later date,

Topseyt Mon 18-Feb-19 15:21:47

My prescription glasses are bifocal transition lenses which I wear all of the time.

They darken automatically as soon as I go outside during daylight hours. You could say that I wear sunglasses all year round. I like that and don't give a shiny shite what anyone else might think. In fact, it has never even occurred to me to give it any thought at all until now.

If you are more comfortable wearing your sunglasses then wear them.

BusterTheBulldog Mon 18-Feb-19 15:21:58

Eh? Sunglasses are for when it’s sunny aren’t they? It’s often sunny all year round. Maybe even less in summer sometimes!

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