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What were the main events where you know exactly where you were when you heard?

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BrizzleMint Sun 17-Feb-19 08:36:50

Mine were the space shuttle explosion, Princess Diana dying and 9/11 plus the explosion at Mill Hill barracks and the Harrods bombing.

I was curious what they were for older/younger people so what events do you really remember.

youbethemummylion Sun 17-Feb-19 08:38:43

Im mid 30s only remember wherr I was for Princess Diana's death and 9/11

PlainVanilla Sun 17-Feb-19 08:39:05

England winning the world cup
First man on the moon
plus the others you mention
I was alive when Kennedy was assassinated, but only just 3 so it wasn't on my radar.

PalindromicUser Sun 17-Feb-19 08:39:26

Diana, 9/11 and the Brexit referendum.

glamorousgrandmother Sun 17-Feb-19 08:40:25

I was in bed listening to John Peel when I heard Elvis had died.

I woke up to a very sombre Radio 4 and learned that Princess Diana had died.

I was at work when I heard about Dunblane and also 9/11.

Seth Sun 17-Feb-19 08:40:33

Yes Princess Diana and Michael Jackson

steff13 Sun 17-Feb-19 08:41:27

Challenger Explosion - I was about 8, we all watched it in school
Oklahoma City Bombing - I was 18, getting new tires on my car
9/11 - I was at the hospital, in labor with #2 son, who was born at 2:15 that afternoon.

hazeyjane Sun 17-Feb-19 08:41:59

Princess Diana
John Lennon

golddigga Sun 17-Feb-19 08:42:35

I was at work when I heard about 9/11, on a residential with 60 11 year olds when Michael Jackson died, and asleep and hungover after a house party as a teenager when my parents were away when princess Diana died. They can back early to a house full of 18 year olds!

bibbitybobbityyhat Sun 17-Feb-19 08:42:38

Death of Elvis, death of Diana, death of Queen Mum, death of David Bowie, 9/11.

madvixen Sun 17-Feb-19 08:43:16

Princess Diana
Queen Mothers Death
Omagh bombing

Hiddenaspie1973 Sun 17-Feb-19 08:43:20

Freddie mercury dying
9 11

I remember zebrugge and many others but I don't remember where I was.

bibbitybobbityyhat Sun 17-Feb-19 08:44:03

Oh yes and the Hungerford mass shootings.

EnglishRose13 Sun 17-Feb-19 08:44:11


It was just after lunch. I was at school. We had afternoon registration and we were all told to stay behind. Our headteacher comes on over the tannoy system and tells us what's happening. I was only 12 so I didn't really understand the severity until I saw the news at home.

RobinHumphries Sun 17-Feb-19 08:45:14

Ayrten Senna
Princess Di
River Phoenix

ChakiraChakra Sun 17-Feb-19 08:45:38

The bombing which marked the start of the war on Afghanistan
A ferry sinking a few years ago - it was on the rolling news screens on the ferry I was on at the time! 😯

HunterHearstHelmsley Sun 17-Feb-19 08:45:41

Diana - I had put the radio on when getting ready for my paper round
9/11 - at school but didn't know the full ramifications until I got home
Bowie- at the train station

claracluck78 Sun 17-Feb-19 08:45:55

Princess Diana dying

I can remember the exact moments I found out on each

Cheetahssitonfajitas Sun 17-Feb-19 08:46:10

Diana's death, 9/11 and 7/7.

SimoneStrasser Sun 17-Feb-19 08:47:11

I’m 50.

I remember John Lennon’s death being reported on radio 1, it was the morning and my Mum was getting my uniform out of the airing cupboard ready for school.

Diana’s death and 9/11 are imprinted , both such a terrible shock.

On a lighter note I also vividly recall hearing on the news Juergen Klinnsman signing for Spurs and dh not believing me when he came in from a night out ( this was a coup at the time for Spurs) wink

E20mom Sun 17-Feb-19 08:47:11

Princess Diana and 9/11.

CatinMyLap Sun 17-Feb-19 08:47:33

Diana and 9/11, and Michael Jackson’s passing.

ChakiraChakra Sun 17-Feb-19 08:47:45

Oh, and Take That splitting up 😳😂

A load of us at school were just the right age to be overinvested, so we were given a radio and a room to listen at 2pm, the time the band had said they would announce something big.

Serialweightwatcher Sun 17-Feb-19 08:48:21

Elvis - I was on holiday in Greece with my friend and her family
John Lennon - getting ready for school at nana's when mum and dad were in US and they brought me back records by him and Yoko
Princess Diana - was sat in my mum's kitchen and stayed all day watching the news
9/11 - was just putting tv on for then 18 month old son and couldn't believe what I was seeing

So many celebrities have gone over past few years which I found upsetting, but generally been at home and seen on internet - all the above were before I had internet

MuddyMoose Sun 17-Feb-19 08:48:28

Princess Diana's death & 9/11

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