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LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Mon 10-Dec-18 01:43:33

I’ll keep it brief... vomiting bug... they’ve both had it and been clear for 48 hours. Now I have it. Can I still send them to nursery tomorrow?

nocoolnamesleft Mon 10-Dec-18 01:46:16

You might be able to send them. You definitely can't take them.

Caprisunorange Mon 10-Dec-18 02:17:11

Yes of course. You’ll need to do you can recover! Hope you feel better soon

knittedjest Mon 10-Dec-18 02:29:06

Well they can't stay out forever. If they are well send them in.

Whyarealltheusernamestaken Mon 10-Dec-18 02:30:42

Send them, 48 hours gone, do you have someone else to take them ?

WereYouHareWhenIWasFox Mon 10-Dec-18 03:00:59

Yes, but if you can make it, just deliver to door. Even better if you have someone else to drop them.

TittyFahLaEtcetera Mon 10-Dec-18 03:08:32

If they are clear its fine, but if you have no one to drop them for you, call the nursery and get someone to collect them from the carpark/front door.

jessstan2 Mon 10-Dec-18 03:29:46

Let them go to nursery, preferably someone else take them & pick up unless it is a very quick journey.

Get well soon girl, you have my sympathies flowers.

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Mon 10-Dec-18 04:12:16

Up vomiting again! sad But at least mumsnet thinks the kids can go to nursery!! grin My ds’s key worker will let me drop them off in the playground if I ask nicely! Going to miss my baby’s carol concert tomorrow but she’s 10 months so she won’t be fussed!

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