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so fed up n need a rant soweryyy

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dawnyb Thu 21-Jun-07 19:13:03

its been a week from hell

its jacks 3rd birthday and he wants a kitchen bless him hope its a phases lol
well my dad said they would buy him one well chuft means i not wasting money lol any way

i got Dp to ring his mum to find out what she had got him (i knew she was ordering a garage online cos she cant be bothered to get it from town:@) anyhoo she turn around to DP and said she will get him a kitchen beucase DP told her my dad was getting a garage ALL WRONG so arguement golaore over DS birthday MIL always has to buy the biggest ect

Also we have had wooden floor downstaires DP not the best at DIY so his dad is doing it
(week 3 house looks like city dump as they are only doing 2 afternoons a week :@ lol)
well Dp thought he have ago and its not right so he asked what i think n i told him, Thefloor wasnt cheap so i think time n effort should of been taken but he rushed ect n he didnt like what i said all i said was its not right n un-even to which he stared n mardy

Y ask for an opion ??

Then he sold his nice car for an estate which has been used for a works van for the garage stinks of diesal in side on seats there a huge stain tis horrible, he never spoke to me about it all done with him and his dad

I just get the idea that i am not worth talking to anymore about anything

Sorry for rant but with 2 kids i dont get out lol

compo Thu 21-Jun-07 19:15:09

Hmmm... it all sounds a bit crappy! Have a glass of wine and chill tonight

dawnyb Thu 21-Jun-07 19:16:01

wish i could but not got any lol

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