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9yo watched JAWS on sleepover

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VikingBlonde Wed 22-Aug-18 13:52:13

I've just picked up my DD from a sleepover, she's just 9 and a gentle, fairly sensitive sort. First thing she says to me is "I really didn't like Jaws mummy!" And the dad is like "oh yeah that might not have been the best choice of movie ..." angry

I'm fewwwmin! Jaws is a horror film. I watched it recently and jumped out of my skin a few times. And I'm not bloody well 9. There's a shed load of claret and kids being eaten alive and realistic limbs being severed and we are - to cap it all off - going on our ONLY holiday of the whole year (cos we are skint) camping at the beach tomorrow. She's already told me she won't be getting in the water when she normally loves bodyboarding. CHEERS FOR THAT!!!

The kid who's house the sleepover happened at is a child who can't have sleepovers at anyone else's cos she gets anxious and stressed if she's away from her own home so how the effing chuff have they managed to show MY kid a horror movie while she's there!!!??? Grrrrrrrr

We have had a talk about there NOT being great whites around the UK and that the film is just pretend but she just recounted the part about the little boy getting eaten and burst into tears.

What would you do?

Doghorsechicken Wed 22-Aug-18 15:13:25

I’d just tell her that coconuts falling out of trees kill more people per year than sharks. (Which is true)

Or that the beach has a shark net up (probably not true)

ScrambledSmegs Wed 22-Aug-18 15:13:44

Poor kid sad. It doesn't matter whether someone else's child loved it/could see it was fake instantly etc, your DC was scared and I don't think it's a great film to show on a sleepover without checking with parents first.

Definitely have a chat with her about the unrealistic portrayal of great whites in this film.

HoverParent Wed 22-Aug-18 15:14:28

Jaws is a great movie. It's not a horror movie, it's a Spielberg movie. You can get your kid into Spielberg in a big way after that. Our kid fell in love with the movie at age 7, and has seen most Spielberg movies now. It helps to understand a lot of American culture references, and in understanding most plot devices in modern American cinematography. You're gonna need a bigger boat!

HoverParent Wed 22-Aug-18 15:16:12

I should add that our kid's entrance exam into a selective indie was to write a horror story! So it helps to have exposure to the scary genre in general, definitely helped us secure our spot!

FranticallyPeaceful Wed 22-Aug-18 15:16:32

I remember my friend was the same, scared of really unscary films. it was shit because we couldn’t ever watch what we wanted to watch so eventually stopped inviting her to sleepovers. Her mum had the same kind of reaction as your post about it all too, which is likely where she got it from. A learned reaction.

Sleepovers were better without her.

Vagndidit Wed 22-Aug-18 15:19:50

I would have no issue with my 10y.o. DS watching it at home, and he has, but seems a bit of a poor film choice for a group of children you don't really know well enough.

Mummyoflittledragon Wed 22-Aug-18 15:20:52

I was just coming on to say it’s been reclassified as a 12A.

I’m sure my dd (10) would be fine but that doesn’t mean I’d show it to her or any of her friends right now. Jurassic Park imo is a lot less graphic. Dd watched all or most of them maybe a year ago.

If their dd wasn’t claiming to be too scared to go away on a sleepover I’d probably say nothing. However, seeing as they are sensitive to her needs, they’re bloody stupid not to tend to those of others. Personally I’d be saying something to the parents.

catsoup Wed 22-Aug-18 15:21:10

Show her the Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuiness version of it. Total pisstake about the special effects.

Kingkiller Wed 22-Aug-18 15:24:13

Wow, that's not a very sympathetic attitude, Frantically. My dd (13) will watch anything, but has a friend who is easily scared by surprisingly mild things. I know the girl's mother well and she's not over-protective at all. Dd and her friends don't mind watching things the scared girl likes, because she's their friend!

Twistella Wed 22-Aug-18 15:26:53

Jurassic World is a big step up in terms of violence compared to the others. ANd it's crap.

HeresMeh Wed 22-Aug-18 15:29:21

I was taking to my husband last night about when I saw jaws for the first time around the same age and absolutely SHAT myself when the head (body?) comes out of the boat under water...

I hear you loud and clear OP! I wouldn't be happy either!

goingonabearhunt1 Wed 22-Aug-18 15:29:31

Obv I'm a wimp; I watched Jaws when I was 11/12ish and was scared! But kids now are probably unimpressed by it I imagine.

hollyjollychristmas Wed 22-Aug-18 15:30:10

I watched this recently with my nine year old nephew, he was fine. I still find it scary but I would not think it was inappropriate.

Headfullofdreams Wed 22-Aug-18 15:31:47

DS3 has watched it when he was 9 and laughed at it. Don't think it's that bad, not sure I'd class it as a horror movie.

goingonabearhunt1 Wed 22-Aug-18 15:31:52

But then again I didn't like anything remotely scary until I got to about 15 and developed a horror film obsession. I would have thought it's good to check with parents if the kids are 9 though but perhaps they just thought it'd be fine as it's a PG.

FranticallyPeaceful Wed 22-Aug-18 15:35:12

It may be unsympathetic @Kingkiller but it’s just how our younger brains worked unfortunately. If she’s making it less fun then chances are they will be reluctant to invite her to things. No kid wants a Buzz Killington mate

SirVixofVixHall Wed 22-Aug-18 15:35:12

I also think that with other people’s children you have to allow for differences in temperament and imagation. Also regional variations, we live in a remote rural area. Dd2 is 11 Nd has just left primary and none of her friends have ‘phones yet for instance. Dd1 had her first one at 12. They’ve started watching Dr Who recently but found it far too frightening before now. I don’t understand why any other parent wouldn’t check with you before showing any scary film. Some children will be fine and others (mine) are nightmare prone.

bellinisurge Wed 22-Aug-18 15:37:39

Odd idea that showing your young kids films with severed heads popping unexpectedly out of a boat is somehow ok.
Twatty adult who thinks this was ok without knowing the kids.

MissMisery Wed 22-Aug-18 15:37:55

Oh God I’d be right pissed off too. That film ruined sea swimming for me for life. My son loves surfing/ body boarding etc and if someone ruined that for him by showing him jaws I’d be proper stabby.
I should add that the fact that it’s so terrifying is testament to its brilliance tho...

theredjellybean Wed 22-Aug-18 15:39:11

No one is saying its not a great movie. Great movies can be scary, just because they are great doesn't mean they are appropriate for children.
I am shocked at how many people let young children watch movies that I would think were too scary but like others have said it's individual children's reactions.
My dds aged 10 were watching Disney movies and pixar. I'd never ever have let them watch things like Jaws or jurassic Park with friends present.
This thread seems to be about how it's 'cool' to have your child watch scary movies.. And op and people like her are being stuffy and uncool.
I think she was entitled to be cross,

theredjellybean Wed 22-Aug-18 15:42:16

@frantically.. I would have used it as an opportunity to teach my children empathy and friendship.. You don't drop some one because they get scared at frankly scary movies, I'd be making sure that they worked out more inclusive activities for their sleepovers.

DanSullivan Wed 22-Aug-18 15:44:34

Ah, I love Jaws! It’s my favourite film. And anyone who says it hasn’t aged well can go away.
This will put me, since I know my sister is a MN regular, but I want to tell my Jaws story anyway. I watched it aged 5. We were going to Universal Studios, where they had one of the rubber shark props from the film hanging up and you could stand inside its mouth. My dad insisted that I needed to watch the film (it’s hus favourite too!) before the holiday! As a family we have been known to reenact the whole film. Usually on Boxing Day evening after a few sherries...

I wouldn’t show it at a kids’ sleepover though, at least not without checking with the other parents.

— RC, if you’re there, get your tea towel ready; “Shark! Shark!” —

MaggieAndHopey Wed 22-Aug-18 15:45:16

I can't believe all the people saying Jaws isn't a horror movie! It absolutely is a horror movie, it's a classic of the genre. It might be a PG but it's absolutely terrifying.

FASH84 Wed 22-Aug-18 15:46:44

It's a PG and the shark looks like it's made from Papier mache YABU

FranticallyPeaceful Wed 22-Aug-18 15:46:46

@theredjellybean then I guess myself and everyone I ever knew as a child all had shitty parents. Still though, didn’t care, just didn’t want boring people at sleepovers.
It’s all well and good looking back on it as an adult but it’s just not where our brains were at.

Too many kids wrapped up in cotton wool and hidden in uber bunker shelters these days

ShatnersWig Wed 22-Aug-18 15:49:20

You can see how many people don't read the thread when two of us have corrected the current rating for the film but others still insisting it's a PG. Not any more!

PolkerrisBeach Wed 22-Aug-18 15:50:19

I saw it again recently after not seeing it for decades and it's really not gruesome at all. My 10 year old watched it and loved it.

MaggieAndHopey Wed 22-Aug-18 15:52:56

I love the way people are using the fact that it's a PG as a reason it's not scary. Loads of scary films have a PG rating. Another Spielberg classic - Duel - is a PG. I still wouldn't watch it with my 8 year old.

GerdaLovesLili Wed 22-Aug-18 15:53:33

I remember seeing at the cinema when it came out, I was 10. And as it was an "A" and is now a PG that makes perfect sense.

What what rating and at what age do you think children on sleepovers should be allowed to view without first checking individually with parents?

NoSuchThingAsAlpha Wed 22-Aug-18 15:54:06

The version of the film that we all remember watching on the telly back in the 80s is the PG cut. The 2012 cut has bits in we haven't seen, and is a 12A.

A lot of older films were released onto Blu-Ray with the cinematic cut or a brand-new cut, and these are sometimes a higher rating than the original TV or VHS releases.

MaggieAndHopey Wed 22-Aug-18 15:54:33

Sorry, ShatnersWig - must have missed you earlier. I did read most of the thread but not every single post it's true.

GerdaLovesLili Wed 22-Aug-18 15:55:36

Oh! IMDb needs updating then. Because that's where I check first!

megletthesecond Wed 22-Aug-18 15:56:38

That would have pissed me off. 9 is top young. Secondary age would have been ok.
Wasn't it sneakily released with a low certificate and it should never have been a PG?

Everyoneiswingingit Wed 22-Aug-18 15:59:36

I'd feel the same. It annoys me that some parents feel they can put film on like that without checking . I've had it before with mine being shown 12s and 15s when they were under that age. I've always stuck to the age appropriate certificate. If Jaws is PG , it means PARENT guidance not the same as a U. A parent knows their own child and wouldn't watch that before a seaside holiday perhaps! OP I would really play it down and show your daughter how silly that plastic shark was and get in the water yourself . She will take more notice of your reaction so don't make a deal of it in front of her.

SlartiAardvark Wed 22-Aug-18 16:01:20

I saw it aged 10 and didn't go in the sea again until I was 40

If you got all that from a film then you are indeed a truly delicate soul!!

Recent thread on the new film the meg was full of adults with serious water phobias.. All of us had seen Jaws as a child.

Everyone saw Jaws as a child!!! I'd be more shocked if you found someone that hasn't seen Jaws as a child!!!

Everyoneiswingingit Wed 22-Aug-18 16:01:43

What what rating and at what age do you think children on sleepovers should be allowed to view without first checking individually with parents?
The age that the child is should be at or under the film cert. simple as that.

wanderings Wed 22-Aug-18 16:01:53

Lol at "fewwwmin!" grin angry grin

I haven't actually seen Jaws, setting Sky box to record - is it a coincidence that it's on ITV4 tonight? hmm I'll see if "that fish movie" (how someone referred to it before it became the huge success) is all it's cracked up to be.

If you want something scary, watch Return to Oz (terrifying); we saw that one at primary school, or the old version of The Woman in Black: not the one with Daniel Radcliffe, but a much older one which gives many adults nightmares.

Nodnol Wed 22-Aug-18 16:02:01

Jaws is one of my favourites. That beach pan on Brody, Quint telling them the story of the Annapolis, the music.


I would not show it to children that are not mine, under 12. We watched it with ours, along with many other films like it. But they are our kids and we get to decide what they see.

Op, would your daughter feel better if she investigated the GW? I’m happy to message her and talk about them- I think they are amazing creatures. Plus I’m Australian where we deal with sharks frequently.

Twistella Wed 22-Aug-18 16:02:35

It's a 12 on amazon.

dailyshite Wed 22-Aug-18 16:02:48

Get her to watch Jaws 3 - it's hilariously bad.

Ghost shark too.

She will laugh her head off = no longer anxious

Everyoneiswingingit Wed 22-Aug-18 16:03:26

The point is, someone else doesn't get to decide for you. Every family has different takes on things like this and it's not for another parent to overrule.

imnotreally Wed 22-Aug-18 16:04:39

Make sure she doesn't see Jurassic world fallen kingdom. That's much more gory.

Twistella Wed 22-Aug-18 16:05:12

I saw it age 11 and it sparked a life long love of the sea (scuba dived round the world and swam with many sharks) and film!!

I will say again that I wouldn't have shown it to a 9 year old but there are worse things that she could have seen.

Ohhbollix Wed 22-Aug-18 16:07:58

If I were you the first thing I’d do would be to take a nice big breath of calm! I’m 38 and can remember vividly watching Jaws in the early evening (about 5pm) in the 80’s. ok it was a tad scary but nothing like you are making out.

Girlwhowearsglasses Wed 22-Aug-18 16:09:08

Ooh- my ten year old DCs watched yesterday. They looked it up and said it was PG. I watched it won them as I actually think it’s a great film and pretty restrained in its use of gore v suspense and surprise. It’s a brilliant use of atmosphere and tension. I made sure it was after returning from our beach holiday though, and I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t seen it myself.

I wouldn’t show it to another ten year old without permission though.

There are a lot of pg films I don’t want them to watch and a lot of 15 film I have let them watch (with me) because I’ve seen them and they really wanted to watch - Titanic, the Abyss and Ghostbusters for example.

The Marvel films are much gorier and not 15

Topseyt Wed 22-Aug-18 16:11:12

Jaws!! I really couldn't get worked up over that. I must have seen it at around that age. Frightening? Somewhat, but I would only equate it to a child watching Doctor Who from behind the sofa.

I once saw the actual Jaws shark at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. It is a little clockwork thing that putters about in a smallish man made lake and apparently during filming it broke down regularly.

Nodnol Wed 22-Aug-18 16:11:12

@dailyshite, oh my god! 3 is so terrible that it is amazing. 😂

Topseyt Wed 22-Aug-18 16:14:20

Oh, and I always used to tell my DDs that there were sharks living in the paddling pool whenever it was out. They never believed me for some reason. Somehow, they seem to have survived.

dailyshite Wed 22-Aug-18 16:17:16


Spoiler wink
The scene where it swims towards the control room looks like a cardboard cut out on a seascape backdrop


YourMilkshakeIsBetterThanMine Wed 22-Aug-18 16:20:06

I'd be fuming too and I'd have made it known. Even if it's a PG (seriously?!) THEY aren't your DC's parent and I'd have expected that they ask first. Some children are more sensitive than others. My friend took her 4yo to see Jurassic World and he loved it. My 6yo was scared of The Good Dinosaur.

My uncle showed me Jaws when I was 7 and I couldn't sleep for ages and cried in the bath. I thought the carpet would turn into water and the shark would get me or that it'd come up the train. I wasn't the most realistic child grin

YourMilkshakeIsBetterThanMine Wed 22-Aug-18 16:21:28

drain* not train. Although a shark on a train would make a good movie. Sequel to Snakes on a Plane maybe (also not suitable for kids).

MirriVan Wed 22-Aug-18 16:22:51

I saw it at a similar age (also a sensitive kid) and found it terrifying.
I went to sleep fine afterwards though, safe in the knowledge that sharks couldn't get me in bed.
Poltergeist now - that had me unable to sleep for years afterwards because as we all know ghosts can get you ANYWHERE.

It's done now OP. I'm actually a believer in wet kids (like I was) seeing stuff like this to toughen them up a bit. Sure I had (literally) years of terror-at-night due to seeing various things, but now I can watch anything and am a total badass. So.... grin

GerdaLovesLili Wed 22-Aug-18 16:24:40

The age that the child is should be at or under the film cert. simple as that.

So if the version they saw was not the new(ish) 2012 cut it was still a PG. I wouldn't ring up to see if a nine year old could watch a PG!

If it was the 12A I wouldn't have shown it.

Mummyschnauzer Wed 22-Aug-18 16:24:54

Love jaws first watched it when I was 3, love the sea and think sharks are amazing! I hope you explained the film demonises sharks and most of them actually pose v little danger (that’s really the only thing scarey about that film)

JessicaJonesJacket Wed 22-Aug-18 16:27:55

Find some videos on youtube about making films and about make-up for movies. Then you can watch them with her and chat about how they made the film. It will help to shift her from her emotional fear to a more rational approach.
My DS was terrified of zombies thanks parents who let their 8-yr-olds watch the Walking Dead I carefully selected a few make-up artist videos and we made some effects ourselves with food colouring, rice crispies, etc. It stopped him being scared.

Quangot Wed 22-Aug-18 16:28:01

I watched it years ago when quite young and found it upsetting and disturbing. For some reason the bit I remember most was the dog being attacked.

It isn't necessarily a case of how gory it is, or isn't. More of a shock as to what is happening to the people, even though the detail is limited. Also the idea that serious injury is "entertaining". Yes it's fiction but it's normal to suspend disbelief when absorbed in a film.

There are so many other films for children to watch, and decades ahead of them to watch horror if they do decide. Childhood isn't a competition to see who can put up with how much and become the most tough and hard.

OracleofDelphi Wed 22-Aug-18 16:31:29

I think that essentially this is what happens when you ask someone else to look after your kids / accept someone elses offer.... It means that their rules will be imposed on your child, and we are all different. I dont really "do" ratings as different things can affect different children .... so some children are scared of Spiderman and others find it great.

I would never show a child a film that wasnt age appropriate without checking with their parents even though I let my kids watch things - but as per the above - every body is different. So this one of the reasons why my kids dont have sleepovers - I dont really trust other people to make judgement calls on / for or about my kids.... It kind of needs to be your responsibility not theirs. So if DD has a sleepover and you are happy for her to go, you need to say - "I dont let DD eat icecream / watch films over a PG / sleep with the lights off - is that O for you and are you still happy for her to come?" Job done

dailyshite Wed 22-Aug-18 16:36:07

Mirrivan - you clearly haven't watched ghostshark. A poor unsuspecting plumber is decapitated whilst unblocking a drain.

Or sharknado. Sharks, literally, everywhere.

cariadlet Wed 22-Aug-18 16:46:42

I'm glad more people with empathy have turned up on this thread. The first few pages seemed to be full of "cool" parents whose toddlers happily watch horror films and are dismissive of "overprotective" parents with "snowflake" children.

There's nothing intrinsically wrong with a 9 year old - or even a child much younger than 9 - watching Jaws. There is something wrong with an adult who would show it to a bunch of 9 year olds at a sleepover.

Different children are scared by different things and with pre-teens and younger it's best to stick to kids films, family films, musicals and comedies.
Save the scary/tense films to watch with your own children if and when you know they're ready for them.

Myheartbelongsto Wed 22-Aug-18 16:49:08

I watched this recently and cracked up at the shit special effects!

Tell them that precious can't come over again because they watched Jaws. They probably need a good laugh.

MirriVan Wed 22-Aug-18 16:49:50

MirriVan you clearly haven't watched ghostshark

There.....there are GHOST sharks!? [shock}

CSIblonde Wed 22-Aug-18 16:58:57

The best & only scary bit when I saw it at 11was the girl skinny dipping at night, suddenly yanked under & no sign of the shark. The rest was too fake to be scary. (v 'rubbery' shark)! Don't dwell on it with her if she brings it up, repeat its just a story then distract/change subject.

MaggieAndHopey Wed 22-Aug-18 17:08:42

"It isn't necessarily a case of how gory it is, or isn't."

I couldn't agree more with this. The films that have shit me up the most over my life, including when I was a child, have hardly any gore in them at all.

Babycham1979 Wed 22-Aug-18 17:12:20 regularly used to be on TV on a Sunday afternoon when I was a kid. Get a grip.

PurpleFlower1983 Wed 22-Aug-18 17:14:21

It’s a classic but it’s not exactly Saw or Hostel, right of passage for every kid surely!

VimFuego101 Wed 22-Aug-18 17:16:54

I'm surprised it's a PG, I remember there being quite a lot of blood and injuries in it. Not really the smartest film to show a bunch of kids.

mummmy2017 Wed 22-Aug-18 17:17:08

What about finding the making of Jaws, watch it, show her the shark is fake.

ShatnersWig Wed 22-Aug-18 17:22:22

*Gerda Jaws was not recut. The film has no different scenes in 2012 to when first released. The BBFC uprated it feeling that a 12 was more appropriate.

*Vim For the last time, isn't a PG. It was, but hasn't been for 6 years despite what several on the thread have stated

Timeisslippingaway Wed 22-Aug-18 17:46:25

My oldest loved it when he was 4 now he is 10 and won't watch it! His 4 year old brother wanted it on the other night and my oldest left the room 😂. I really wouldn't say it's a horror film.

Ellapaella Wed 22-Aug-18 17:47:53

The graphics in jaws are so dated and old fashioned now that I can't believe any modern children would even take it seriously never mind be scared!

Ellapaella Wed 22-Aug-18 17:49:16

When I was that age my friends and I would watch the scariest films we could find on sleep overs deliberately to scare ourselves stupid.. it was such good fun. Gremlins, Jaws, Freddy etc etc. I can't remember at all if our parents knew we were watching them.

Kartrashian Wed 22-Aug-18 17:52:47

Jaws being described as a gore fest grin

Think you must be very sheltered OP.

zeeboo Wed 22-Aug-18 17:52:57

Oh for goodness sake. I'm pretty sure I was 8 or 9 when I saw it and our church schools youth pastor brought us the Nightmare on Elm St movies to watch when we were in 7th grade!
My daughter (8) got to watch Drop Dead Fred last night at her friends house. So many films that are 15s now were PG when they came out.

Timeisslippingaway Wed 22-Aug-18 17:53:01


I am the total opposite, can't watch anything about ghosts, had to give up reading "woo"threads o mumsnet because I'm such a shite bag now, when I was younger I would watched loads of scary files to scare myself because I loved it. I lived at home with my mum and dad then right enough! 😂

Dieu Wed 22-Aug-18 17:53:36

It's my 9 year old daughter's favourite movie, 'cept she first saw it when she was 8.

Skyejuly Wed 22-Aug-18 17:54:50

My kids saw it at 9/10 . She will be Ok.

ShinyMe Wed 22-Aug-18 17:56:03

I bloody love Jaws, it's such a good film, with fantastic performances and some really well made scary bits. But no, I wouldn't show it to a bunch of 9 year olds at a sleepover without the parents' permission.

I'm sure I saw it when I was quite young, and I know I was scared of the sea for a bit - but I'm also pretty sure that I wasn't actually scared, just sort of playing along with my friends. I still went in and go in the sea.

Thanks to the poster who pointed out that it's on ITV4 tonight - the thread was making me really want to see it again.

Nodnol Wed 22-Aug-18 18:00:26

daily sharknado is awesome too. Next one due soon I believe? I’m off to see Meg tomorrow too!

SheGotBetteDavisEyes Wed 22-Aug-18 18:06:59

Not all kids like scary stuff. Not all kids want to watch it. How confusing is that?

I find the attempts to belittle the OP and her 9 year old daughter for not being Exactly Like You ridiculous.

For all of those with halcyon memories of watching horror films at the age of four and emerging as marvellously balanced, fabulous individuals as a result, well done you.

But it does seem to have left many of you remarkably judgmental and determined that everyone who didn't is a pathetic, sheltered piece of shit.

Maybe it's just a coincidence.

Myheartbelongsto Wed 22-Aug-18 18:16:54

Personally I think Bette Davis had scary eyes.

OutPinked Wed 22-Aug-18 18:17:24

This really does depend on the child.

My 8 yo could happily handle this and he’d probably just think it was funny. The 7 yo not so much, she’d be in my bed for a fortnight having had nightmares.

Some children are way more sensitive than others and it wasn’t the greatest decision to put that on at all. What’s wrong with Shrek? grin

cariadlet Wed 22-Aug-18 18:20:38

*Not all kids like scary stuff. Not all kids want to watch it. How confusing is that?

I find the attempts to belittle the OP and her 9 year old daughter for not being Exactly Like You ridiculous.

For all of those with halcyon memories of watching horror films at the age of four and emerging as marvellously balanced, fabulous individuals as a result, well done you.

But it does seem to have left many of you remarkably judgmental and determined that everyone who didn't is a pathetic, sheltered piece of shit.

Maybe it's just a coincidence.*

Totally agree.

cariadlet Wed 22-Aug-18 18:21:37

Damn! I hate it when I try to do stuff in bold and it doesn't work.

glintandglide Wed 22-Aug-18 18:28:29

I would’ve thought its absolutely crap through 2018 eyes grin

alleypalley Wed 22-Aug-18 18:33:52

It's a PG!

Watership Down is a U and it's brutal. I wouldn't let my 8 year old watch that yet anymore than I would Jaws. OP my DD is also a total waterbaby and I would hate for her to suddenly decide she didn't want to go in the sea anymore.

Lizzie48 Wed 22-Aug-18 18:34:14

@Twistella I agree that a 9 year old shouldn't read the book, because of the sexual content, though, not because of the scare factor.

9 years old seems ok to me for Jaws, though they should have asked you first, as it is Parental Guidance and not all children can cope with thrillers. And I personally wouldn't want to have to cope with nightmares during the night.

My DD1 is 9 and loves films that are a bit scary, like Lord of the Rings and all the Star Wars films. So she would be fine with Jaws. We have to be careful because DD2 is only 6 and does have nightmares sometimes.

But no harm done. As has been said, just focus with her on how fake the film is. That's what I used to do with DD1, I used to say, 'It's not blood, it's ketchup. It's just an actor, no one really got hurt.' And now she says it herself. smile

Lizzie48 Wed 22-Aug-18 18:41:41

I agree with you about Watership Down, @alleypalley . My DM watched it with DD1 but she stopped it before that final scene, which is horrible, especially when the dog appears. I also gave the book to my 9 year old niece, who is an avid reader. It was my favourite book growing up, but I checked with my DSis first because the book is very harrowing in places.

It definitely shouldn't be a U. But I think the same of the original Star Wars trilogy, they're also a U. It should be a rule of thumb to check with the parents.

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 22-Aug-18 18:57:33

That's tonight's family film sorted then 🦈🦈

Teateaandmoretea Wed 22-Aug-18 19:06:31

Yabu. I've had a good chuckle at this thread though.

dailyshite Wed 22-Aug-18 19:11:37


DS is desperate to see that. I was astounded that it was fully booked when we tried to watch it last week. I thought it was just him and his current shark obsession and me and my hormone fuelled Jason Statham obsession who'd want to see it.

I love sharknado and long to watch more than the trailer for ghost shark but fear it won't live up to my expectations grin

MuddlingThroughLife Wed 22-Aug-18 19:15:17

My ds used to be obsessed with sharks. We bought him the box set of Jaws films for his 8th birthday. He loved them all.

butterflysugarbaby Wed 22-Aug-18 19:16:28

YABU. It's not scary for a 9 y.o.

SheGotBetteDavisEyes Wed 22-Aug-18 19:24:57

YABU. It's not scary for a 9 y.o

It's fairly obvious from this thread that it is for some.

It's baffling that so many posters think ALL 9 year olds must like the same thing or react in the same way to something.

Teateaandmoretea Wed 22-Aug-18 19:36:38

It's baffling that so many posters think ALL 9 year olds must like the same thing or react in the same way to something.

No what's baffling is that a parent would be fuming that their 9yo watched a rather silly movie that happened to scare them. OK child was scared, never mind pat on head it wasn't real let's move on.

Teateaandmoretea Wed 22-Aug-18 19:37:41

And not even fuming fewwwmminng or something for a bit of additional drama....

HesterShaw1 Wed 22-Aug-18 19:43:37

It does make me wonder though if some parents are now reluctant to let their offspring come into contact with any other people at all, in case something isn't checked with them. Food, films, activities, music, it always a case of "my kids my roolz"?

babyharibo17 Wed 22-Aug-18 19:47:50

All kids are different some might be scared.
Can't believe ppl saying they would dismiss a child who was scared by patting it on the head!
Btw it's been reclassified as a 12A

Icouldbehappy Wed 22-Aug-18 19:50:16

My DS was watched it with me when he was 2. He said, Jaws is giving that man a nice kiss, when he saw whatshisname getting chomped at the end!
When he realised what was going on, he said,
Jaws will need to come back and say sorry to that man!
I still tease him about this, it still makes me laugh grin
Other DS used to cry when Jaws got blown up, declaring that Jaws was just following his instinct in his own environment grin

Thebookswereherfriends Wed 22-Aug-18 19:50:22

Just found it on Netflix and am now settled down to watch it!
Talk to your daughter about it, show her some making of clips to demystify it and she’ll be fine.

Icouldbehappy Wed 22-Aug-18 19:50:55

Watched it *
Not was watched it

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