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To leave my “neighbour’s” parcel outside their front door?

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2up2manydown Thu 12-Jul-18 21:45:26

DPD left a late, heavy parcel with me today for someone several doors down. I don’t know this person. I was a bit feeble in saying no, next time I will be more assertive. He was very forceful, shoved the box inside my door as he was speaking to me so it was already in my house when I realised it wasn’t actually for me. I told him I am going away for two weeks from tomorrow. He said he’d write that on the note then he pretty much jogged away, then ran back and took a photo of my front door.

I KNOW I should have refused it. I know.

Anyway, that was this morning and they still haven’t been for it and I’m leaving at 8am tomorrow. I don’t want it sitting here for two weeks and have them annoyed that they couldn’t get it from me. Equally I engaging in a game of pass the parcel with another neighbour - I am newish here too and don’t know anyone well enough to do that with. Plus it’s a very heavy item of garden machinery and I don’t want to try lugging it down the road on my own.

So do I just shove it outside and leave it on my front step for them to collect in their own time? Maybe with a note through their door saying what I’m doing?

Yes, I know. I will never accept again. Only for next door. They are bastards about forcing you into it though aren’t they?

2up2manydown Thu 12-Jul-18 21:47:46

I should have learned my lesson because at my previous property I occupied the ground floor flat and was the default concierge until I started saying “sorry, no” to the daily Amazon deliveries.

Justmuddlingalong Thu 12-Jul-18 21:49:21

Don't leave it outside. You could be liable if it's stolen as it was left at your address. Nip down to the neighbours, chap and get them to collect it. If they're not in leave a note explaining your leaving early tomorrow morning.

NewYearNewMe18 Thu 12-Jul-18 21:49:45

Why would you go to all the faff of writing a note, walking to their house and posting it to tell them you've dumped their parcel on your doorstep?Why cant you knock on their door and let them know you've got it?
What is wrong with people today?

52FestiveRoad Thu 12-Jul-18 21:50:14

Be brave and knock on their door. Tell them you are going away so it needs to be collected.

PatheticNurse Thu 12-Jul-18 21:50:49

Knock on their door and ask them to come and get it

londonrach Thu 12-Jul-18 21:51:10

Op im slightly concerned you told a delivery manf you going away for two weeks. Yanbu re taking the parcel in. Practice saying no on holiday

Thunderpunt Thu 12-Jul-18 21:51:10

What time did the delivery get made to you?

It's a bit late in the evening now, but maybe having accepted the delivery knowing you were going away first thing tomorrow, you should have gone and knocked for them and asked them to come and collect it immediately.

SuburbanRhonda Thu 12-Jul-18 21:51:16

So he actually came into your house before saying “Could you take in a parcel for one of your neighbours”?

They normally say that on the doorstep.

StillNoClue Thu 12-Jul-18 21:51:40

Knock on the door if they answer mention it's at yours, if they aren't note through the door stating you'll be up at x and gone by y.

londonrach Thu 12-Jul-18 21:51:48

And know on their door telling them to collect it. No need for you to carry it there

letsdolunch321 Thu 12-Jul-18 21:51:50

If delivery guys knock on my door to take a neighbours parcel, I always tell the delivery guy I don't talk to my neighbours - it isn’t a lie hmm.

I would leave the parcel with a neighbour closer to where the delivery address is.

2up2manydown Thu 12-Jul-18 21:52:41

Oh sorry, hang on, I did knock and there wasn’t nobody in - that was a couple of hours ago though. I’m not that timid!

2up2manydown Thu 12-Jul-18 21:53:25

Er... that should read “there was nobody in” - don’t know why iPhone autocorrected me to Eliza Doolittle.

2up2manydown Thu 12-Jul-18 21:55:03

suburbanrhonda yes!!

He had heaved it up the few steps to my door then sort of shoved it half in to catch his breath and speak to me. I honestly thought it might be mine, something DH had ordered maybe so I started looking at it and that’s when he pushed it the rest of the way in and began explaining.

ApolloandDaphne Thu 12-Jul-18 21:58:11

Stick a note through their door saying you have their parcel but are going away tomorrow for 2 weeks. It is then up to them to come and get it. They may wake you up in the night/early morning though!

ArialAnna Thu 12-Jul-18 21:58:50

I wouldn't. You don't know how long these neighbours are away for and it could get stolen in the meantime.

I would explain the situation to another neighbour and leave the parcel with them (if it's very heavy ask them to help you move it) and leave a note for the neighbour the parcel is for, saying where it is. I don't think you need to know the other neighbours well to do this - indeed it's this sort of situation that will help you get to know them. I think most reasonable people would understand your dilemma and be willing to help unless they had a good reason not to.

CrystalChronicles Thu 12-Jul-18 22:01:05

Did you leave a note with your neighbour?

CrystalChronicles Thu 12-Jul-18 22:02:20

Can you hide it anywhere outside? If so you could leave them a note telling them where it is.

Ironmanrocks Thu 12-Jul-18 22:11:52

Can you maybe leave it with another neighbour?

TwinkleToes86 Thu 12-Jul-18 22:14:45

Either try and catch them by knocking on their door and telling them you've got their parcel and are going away. If you can't catch them, put a note through their door telling them where you've left it outside (in a safe place round the back of your house). Simple.

LRDtheFeministDragon Thu 12-Jul-18 22:20:42

DPD driver sounds an arse.

I would just shrug and leave it for two weeks. Unfortunate, but not your fault. I don't see the point in bothering other neighbours, and leaving it outside their front door isn't fair - they might be away for two weeks too! Remember, they might not have ordered it themselves - my mum (bless her) ordered some garden things for us which came in huge boxes, and turned up when DP was in labour. We finally got home 9 days later to a very patient neighbour! (We were very grateful!)

SuburbanRhonda Thu 12-Jul-18 22:29:20

Stick a note through their door saying you have their parcel but are going away tomorrow for 2 weeks.

Please don’t do this. I would never tell strangers that my house was going to be unoccupied for two weeks.

bakedlikeabun Thu 12-Jul-18 22:33:16

When does your neighbour stop being a stranger? I always leave keys with mine when I go on holiday. Bit worried now this isn't the done thing!

SuburbanRhonda Thu 12-Jul-18 23:02:05


In the OP’s case, she says this about the owner of the parcel:

I don’t know this person.

So in my book, that makes them a stranger.

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