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To be annoyed with insurance company?

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YuleABUnREASTIEable Wed 13-Jun-18 12:57:50

We have a pipe leak issue. Had builders over to quote to fix it and they suggested we see if it’s something house insurance company might cover. We’d never considered this but figured nothing to lose in asking.

Rung insurance company and said was clear I might not go via insurance route as was worried about increase in claims/loss of no claims etc and if we changed our mind before agreeing to the work on insurance (assuming it was covered as part of the policy) would there be any losses to us or any negative issues with putting in the request and then not having the work done and was told no, nothing to lose if we didn’t want to go with insurance company.

So had someone round to look at the work, it is covered but it’s a shorter smaller job than we thought it might be so probably isn’t worth us doing it via insurance. We don’t want premiums to increase etc. Rung insurance company just now and was told our no claims will be lost despite not claiming because they have had to pay for the survey for the report.

I have no issue with this as it makes sense, what I’m blinking annoyed with is why they didn’t tell me beforehand when I was clear I was concerned by putting in the request it might alter our insurance in the future. Wondering now whether to just go ahead and get them to do the work anyway and just be done with it all and have dh grumble at me as he didn’t want to get insurance company involved but since the insurance company had told me I had nothing to lose getting the request in to see if it was covered I had no idea.

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