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To not let DD(8) drink full sugar coke?

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Peaspleaselouise Tue 12-Jun-18 20:55:37

Quite happy to accept if I am.

But I don’t see why there is a need to give these products to a child when they’re so bad for their teeth and general health.

If she was given one at a party and wanted it, I of course wouldn’t stop her, but to be honest I don’t think she’d like it much anyway as she mainly drinks water (over squash etc, by her own choice, as she finds it too sweet and doesn’t quench her thirst).

I am worried about the a) the fact I might be seen as too strict in this regard and b) I don’t want the situation where she craves and binges on stuff when she’s older a small a result of me being too strict with it now.

corrianderisthedevil Tue 12-Jun-18 20:57:39

Personally I have no experience with an 8 year old but I certainly don't let my 5 year old near any fizzy drinks. Hold off as long as you possibly can. I don't think looking after their teeth, sugar levels and keeping them caffeine free is too strict at all!

SharkSave Tue 12-Jun-18 20:58:02

YANBU at all

lastqueenofscotland Tue 12-Jun-18 20:58:11

It’s really not a normal thing to give a small child? It has SO much caffeine and sugar in it.
I was a child of the early 90s where Ribena was everywhere and no one I knew really had coke apart from at special occasions where grown ups would be drinking...

drivingmisspotty Tue 12-Jun-18 20:58:25

I don’t let mine have coke. But actually I am more worried about the caffeine than the sugar. They occasionally have the caffeine and sugar free one (gold label).

As for seeming too strict. I’d say I’m probably in a sizeable minority of parents of the kids friends on this but who cares?

I never had coke as a kid and I didn’t go wild on it when I got older!

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Tue 12-Jun-18 20:59:06

All my kids prefer water to any other drink but they like a pop when we go out for dinner or for a special occasion. So maybe twice or three times a month? At the most?

They’re excellent at self-regulating their food and drink intake. It might be worth thinking about whether you’re refusing her what she wants or just not introducing her to it, if that makes sense?

BrutusMcDogface Tue 12-Jun-18 20:59:23

My 8 year old isn't allowed coke. She's had the odd small glass of lemonade since she turned 8, but doesn't like it much. She's always asking me for coke or Diet Coke, though. She can have a bit when she's much older but not yet.

RoseyOldCrow Tue 12-Jun-18 20:59:42

My 11yo DC only ever drinks diet, caffeine free coke & then only once a fortnight, max. And frankly that is probably too much!

VanGoghsLeftEar Tue 12-Jun-18 20:59:50

Ribena/Fat Coke/Any highly sugared, high coloured soft drink sent my daughter at 8 loopy. YADNBU.

HildaZelda Tue 12-Jun-18 21:01:29

YANBU OP. I wouldn't be too keen on giving it to her either, but if you have to I'd go with coke over diet coke as I think the sugar is less harmful than aspartame. Obviously I mean in moderation.

BakedBeans47 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:02:03


my eldest is 12 and now I’ll let him have occasional fizzy but he prefers water anyway. Even the diet stuff is shit for their teeth so I wouldn’t allow that at 8 either.

mammmamia Tue 12-Jun-18 21:02:51

My twins are 8 and they are allowed a couple of Cokes only when we are on holiday somewhere hot. Only started this last year.
They also had one at a wedding recently.
They’re not allowed it otherwise. So maybe a handful of times a year.

Peaspleaselouise Tue 12-Jun-18 21:04:19

Thanks all, I’m glad you agree. It’s just I’ve seen a fair few of her friends drink it (and their younger siblings!!) and it just seems so wrong.

She doesn’t like sweet drinks much at all, and she hasn’t asked for it ever (or lemonade for that matter), so don’t think she’s bothered about it.

I’m not over strict and do believe in most things in moderation to enable a healthy relationship with food/drink...I had just started to doubt myself...especially when my 5 year old niece was swigging it at a family event recently!

Metoodear Tue 12-Jun-18 21:05:21

We have no fizzy in the house ever just water or milk

If we’re at a party and she must I usually add tap water when she’s not looking

JELLYFISHANDCHIPS Tue 12-Jun-18 21:06:34

I don't let mine drink it

MrsPlodds Tue 12-Jun-18 21:06:50

Yanbu, but I don't let my ds (also 8) have fizzy and it's always met by slight awkwardness by the parents that do allow it. I always feel the need to defend my decision(I never do as it's none of their business but I do still feel it)

I think if he had less sweets and brushed his teeth properly then I'd be more relaxed but I have to watch him brush or he just eats toothpaste and says he's done it hmm

I also worry he will over indulge when older but I Guess that's something we will deal with when we need to, allow small amounts as he gets older (I also don't want him to be teased for not being allowed, it's a minefield)

But yanbu!

MotherforkingShirtballs Tue 12-Jun-18 21:09:05

We have water, milk and juice in the house. They sometimes like juice topped up with fizzy water but mainly stick to the first three. They're allowed fizzy drinks (including coke if they want it) on high days and holidays.

MongerTruffle Tue 12-Jun-18 21:11:36

I only let my children have drinks with added sugar on special occasions (i.e. Christmas, holidays, birthdays). I never let them have drinks sweetened with aspartame at home.

TheClitterati Tue 12-Jun-18 21:12:43


My 2 had a can of Coke each at school fair last week. I just STFU and let them have it (they are 10 & 7 and had money each to spend). I think this is the first time this happened. Won't be happening again amy time soon.

Ihuntmonsters Tue 12-Jun-18 21:18:28

If your child doesn't have a sweet tooth and has never asked for a drink of coke/pop then it's not really an issue is it? Why would you give her something that you don't think she wants or would like? Seems to me that you are just looking to tell the world how wonderful you are compared to all of those bad parents who make different choices.

peeseandchickle Tue 12-Jun-18 21:19:01

YANBU I totally agree with you. My 8yo has tried it (at MILs 🙄) but she knows not to ask for it. She has water or milk.

She had tried small sips of wine and likes it though 😬

chipsandgin Tue 12-Jun-18 21:21:18

My 8 year old and most of his friends have never had coke or any sugary fizzy drinks really - my 15 year old has it (proper Coke, never diet) when out sometimes and didn't have it until towards the end of primary at parties etc. He's not fussed either way & has braces now so can't for a while.

We don't have them at home at all. I would never let either of mine drink diet drinks or drinks with aspartame or other crap in them whether at home or not, If we do get anything to drink other than milk or water then it's cordials or Roses Lime, everything else has sneaked in nasty stuff & foul tasting sweeteners.

It is horrible seeing little kids drinking coke or any shit like that so YANBU at all (also surprised to hear you say you know a lot of kids that do - could that be a regional thing?). We do fail on many aspects of parenting of course, but not that one!

MrsPlodds Tue 12-Jun-18 21:21:38

My ds would drink it all day every day if I let him, he sulks and moans and hates me for not letting him. It's very lucky to have dc that prefer water!

Celticlassie Tue 12-Jun-18 21:25:56

I've got a one year old (so obviously can comment with authority on parenting an 8 year old!) but certainly don't intend to give her fizzy drinks (or any juice at all for that matter) for as long as I can avoid it. I know kids who weren't given anything but water and juice when they were young and now only choose water.

I agree with a PP though, you don't want it being all 'forbidden fruit' when they have their own money to spend.

Peaspleaselouise Tue 12-Jun-18 21:28:25


No, not at all. I’m definitely not a perfect parent and have (and continue to) made bad decisions along the way.

I suffer from anxiety quite badly and always beating myself up about being a crap mum for one thing or another, so you couldn’t be further from the truth.

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