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Another neighbour/washing moan from me

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Wallace Fri 18-May-07 15:41:27

My neighbour is waiting for a new washing machine to be delivered, so I offered to do some of her washin in my machine. I took it over to her yesterday evening in my washing basket. I asked her to pop the basket over the fence when she was done. Almost 24 hours later I still don't have a washing basket. Which is rasther inconvenient seeing as I am on my sixth load of washing today.

I could go and ask for it back, but that isn't the point

colditz Fri 18-May-07 15:44:02

I bet she looked at you funny too.

I bet she's on the phone right now telling everyone "I've still got her washing basket, hehehe"

Wallace Fri 18-May-07 15:45:08


or starting a thread here as we speak....

weebleswobble Fri 18-May-07 15:49:02

I love my new washing basket - didn't cost me a penny. What a bargain!

Wallace Fri 18-May-07 15:49:55


Wallace Fri 18-May-07 19:22:50

still no washing basket

Imawurzel Fri 18-May-07 19:25:26

I got 2.

One for stuff when it comes out of washing machine and the other i put dry folded up stuff into it when i'm swapping stuff on the airer. Am i odd??

Wallace Fri 18-May-07 19:36:29

Well, I have sort of got two... my other one is a tesco home delivery crate thing <<<<shhhhhhhhhhh>>>>

I try not too use it too much otherwise it is tempting to let folded washing pile up in there

Wallace Fri 18-May-07 19:37:04

so you're not odd

Imawurzel Fri 18-May-07 19:39:52


MrsSpoon Fri 18-May-07 19:41:32

Not odd Imawurzel, I've got two too. Although one is full of books to be put on Amazon when I can muster up the energy.

nightowl Fri 18-May-07 19:48:32

oh just ask for it back, she's probably forgotten! ive had my friend's pasting table for 6 months ish, ive got so used to seeing it, its like a part of the furniture. keep thinking "oh yes, must take that back" and then promptly forget.

Washersaurus Fri 18-May-07 20:02:29

I just use several of those blue 25p ikea bags for my mountains of laundry

Wallace Fri 18-May-07 20:09:47

LOl at pasting table. Ikea bags - good idea.

Just remembered she also has a spanner she borrowed a couple of weeks ago

MrsWho Fri 18-May-07 20:38:11

I have 6

katyt1 Fri 18-May-07 20:40:37


i'm on the 2 theory

MrsWho Fri 18-May-07 20:46:56

1 for my stuff /1 for dd1/ 1 for dd2 and the rest are cos my mam takes bedding to her house when theres loads

nightowl Fri 18-May-07 21:05:48

she has a spanner too?

i take it back, beat her good

agnesnitt Mon 21-May-07 13:11:32

I've got about four laundry baskets. Purely because I fill them with clean laundry, then park said laundry somewhere and forget about it. Then have to go buy new basket and pants and socks for my daughter as can't find old laundry basket.

It's handy when I know where all of them are and I have one of those pregnant 'must wash everything on the entire planet!' days though


Rebexus Fri 13-Jun-08 12:48:48

I use the big reusable shopping bag (mine's a Lidl one) - folds up into the cupboard when not in use and weighs nothing.

Fluffybitoffun Fri 13-Jun-08 12:53:23

How on earth did this get ressurected from over a year ago?!

I wonder if Wallace has her washing basket back yet?

wotulookinat Fri 13-Jun-08 12:53:48

Just go and ask for it back. She's probably forgotten. Or maybe she's run off with it. Was it a nice one?

Wallace Sat 03-Sep-11 20:50:48

I have no memory of this, isn't that weird? hmm

I must have got it back because i still have the same one!

WoofToYouTooLady Sat 03-Sep-11 21:27:51


Gumps Sat 03-Sep-11 21:47:01

Wallace that is priceless.

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