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To think this isn’t acceptable

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DarkNStormy Wed 14-Feb-18 08:50:28

But I don’t know how to resolve it.

The landlord is faffing about and we have no shower or hot water.

Also bf whilst writing this and I’m ratty as DH is away on business, so is unable to help. So sorry for any typos!

Currently renting. Property was advertised through an agency but now the landlord manages it himself. He is a nightmare to get hold of and is often abroad. I only have his email address despite asking for a telephone number.

About a month ago the shower stopped working, so I emailed explaining that. He asked me to try and get it to work in the next few days like I hadn’t tried to get it to and then let him know if it still didn’t. It didn’t miraculously start to work so I emailed again saying that. I had no response but did not chase it as I gave birth and have had a rough few weeks.

I emailed again at the start of last week to say it still isn’t working and would really like it fixed ASAP. He took 2 days to get back to me and then said he would come and have a look yesterday. He came and had a look, confirmed it’s not working and said he doesn’t know what to do now. I suggested maybe getting a plumber to have a look, he said he wants to try and fix it himself! He took a fuse out of the airing cupboard and said he would go away and have a look at it and come back yesterday evening. Since this point we have had no hot water.

He came back and put the fuse in yesterday evening and said the water should come back on soon. It didn’t come back on and I was unable to bath the children, so I emailed him at 19:30 and he said he’s ever so sorry, but it might take a while to reset and it should come on soon.

It still hasn’t come on this morning so I’ve emailed again and he said he will come later today as he is busy this morning.

Sorry this was long but I just want to know what I can do and what my rights are. I don’t want to annoy him as I don’t want him to put the rent up or give us notice as we are on a rolling contract I wouldn’t have long to find somewhere else and can’t deal with the stress right now.

Loonyluna16 Wed 14-Feb-18 09:01:48

No hot water is an emergency situation. Any normal landlord would drop any plans and attend to that asap. I think you need to speak to CAB and also if possible look for a new home. He does not have a clue how to run it confused

Wanderwall Wed 14-Feb-18 09:09:08

No, that's definitely not acceptable.

This is a helpful link:

Hot water is classed as an urgent repair.

You need to put everything in writing to your landlord.

You can contact your local Environmental Health Office if he continues to refuse to repair.

I hope he sorts it out soon for you.

Glumglowworm Wed 14-Feb-18 09:32:45


he sounds like he will do anything to avoid having to spend money, which is a terrible attitude for LL!

If he had called a plumber out and they were waiting for a part to be delivered that’s a reasonable delay. Delaying because he’s busy and won’t call in a professional is not reasonable.

As PP said, try CAB. I would have thought hsving a tiny baby would make no hot water an emergency situation, but I have no experience of this to be sure.

When things have calmed down, I would be looking for somewhere new if at all possible. I rent privately and it’s managed by an agent, the regular inspections are a pain but whenever anything has gone wrong they’ve always sorted it. Minor repairs within a couple of weeks, but I’ve had a couple of major issues which unfortunately both fell on weekends and they still came out the same day even on a Sunday. They have an out of hours emergency number for when the office is closed. I’ve lived in LL managed properties previously and I would always choose agency managed now tbh. You’re not reliant on one person pulling their finger out.

Loonyluna16 Wed 14-Feb-18 10:35:47

The CAB website states that no hot water or heating between October 31st and may 1st has to be fixed within a day. That's your rights as a tenant. He is in breach of his contract. X

DarkNStormy Wed 14-Feb-18 14:52:26

Thank you for your responses. He came back at lunch time and fiddled about a bit more. Still no hot water, he said he’s going to have to get someone in. I said it needs to be ASAP as he cannot expect us to be in a property without hot water for a second night in a row. Sadly I’m not holding my breath.

I’m now looking on rightmove to see if we can find somewhere else.

Millipedewithherfeetup Wed 14-Feb-18 15:00:24

Can you get a plumber in yourself then get the landlord to pay ?

Cupofcake Wed 14-Feb-18 15:04:48

Call environmental Health. They can issue a repair notice. The fact you have a baby will make them take it more seriously.

Cupofcake Wed 14-Feb-18 15:05:29

The fact you only have an email address will have helped as you will have all contact in writing already.

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