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To tell DP that he’s making a mistake

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Sophisticatedsarcasm Sun 11-Feb-18 21:21:46

Not very dramatic, but my DP is a Chef , he works as a chef manager during the week at a school and does self employed work on a Sunday sometimes during the week from clients he’s accrued over the years. Basically last year before he got the job at the school he worked at a small hotel, everything was going fine they got a second chef to help With the workload. Come May he overheard his boss and the wife saying they were having financial troubles and they need to cut one of them. Since my DP was on more money the wife pushed her husband to let my DP go. I was highly pissed off because just weeks before he had been approached about a job similar pay but better hours but he turned it down out of loyalty. Now the other chef has screwed them over and left them in the lurch. It started off a shift a week to help and has now turned into more and more. I said he shouldn’t burn himself out on a count of them but he’s adamant it’s on his terms even though when they call he accepts straight away. I told him he shouldn’t trust them after they stabbed him in the back the first time. I know what will happen and it will be a case of me saying I told you so. Not sure what else to say 😬

Birdsgottafly Sun 11-Feb-18 21:26:39

I think that its got to be his decision and you don't say anything else.

Except if another job comes up, just remind him that they had no loyalty.

TheSnowFairy Sun 11-Feb-18 21:53:26

Sounds like you're​ with a decent guy tbh - if he is happy and says it's on his terms that's all there is to it.

Sophisticatedsarcasm Sun 11-Feb-18 21:54:57

He is a pretty decent guy, not perfect, but who is...he provides for his family that’s all I ask I just don’t want him taken for a mug again.

bluebell34567 Sun 11-Feb-18 21:56:21

when he gets a better job he should dump them so they know what they did. good job they came back.

Leeds2 Sun 11-Feb-18 22:02:49

I would let him carry on, without comment, because presumably the money comes in useful. But if something more interesting/better prospects/better pay etc comes up.I wouldn't encourage him to think too much about their feelings.

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