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To think these people should get a stiff jail sentence?

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LouiseBrooks Thu 14-Dec-17 13:34:46

Unless it can be proven that there were extenuating circumstances?
(Not that I'm sure what they could be, especially if she was on a pedestrian crossing).

How on earth can FOUR drivers not have realised they'd hit her ? I just cannot believe this, that poor woman.

scurryfunge Thu 14-Dec-17 13:39:23

It's grim isn't it, poor woman. You could only argue that they didn't know an accident had occurred. Maybe with a lorry but not cars.

Bubblebubblepop Thu 14-Dec-17 13:43:28

Tbh it does seem logical that there was a reason why she couldn't be seen, as 4 different people (assuming unrelated) leaving the scene is pretty unlikely.

I am not sure why their sentences would need to be harsher than the normal guidelines for their crimes though tbh?

LouiseBrooks Fri 15-Dec-17 13:01:22

Bubble, failure to stop and report an accident can lead to a six month jail sentence. However if someone died, it would surely be a lot more than that (perhaps it would depend on whether or not it was felt she could have survived the first impact). This appears to be a well known blackspot where people speed. I also doubt that the cars would not have seen her, even if the lorries didn't and the cctv appears to show adequate street lighting.

After five days, two drivers have been traced, two have not. They must surely have seen some evidence of the collision on their cars afterwards, and I find it hard to believe that a car driver at least would not feel some impact if they hit a grown adult at speed.

Unfinishedkitchen Fri 15-Dec-17 13:07:38

I genuinely don’t believe 4 separate drivers knowingly ran over someone and kept going especially if they knew they weren’t the person who knocked her down so weren’t to blame for the original collision. There must be another explanation e.g. she was covered by clothes so people didn’t realise there was a person there. It makes no sense.

NorthAlways Fri 15-Dec-17 13:08:41

I hit and killed a deer two nights ago. Had no idea until I got home and DD said there was blood on the car. Drove back and it was dead. It literally felt like a bump. It wasn’t head on and I’m guessing it ran out and hit the side of the car as I drove past.

Streetlights have all been turned off here to save money. Roads are so bloody dark.

I’m guessing once the victim was on the floor they just didn’t see her.

QuiQuaiQuod Fri 15-Dec-17 13:09:31

a drunk driver/eating/on phone/fACEBOOK AT THE WHEEL drives into a vehicle/pedestriasn/cyclist OVER AND KILLS PEOPLE.


(sorry, caps lock!) What do you think will happen? whatever the reasons theyll prob get a gentle pat 'there there, please dont do it again'' and be soft sentence or none at all.

the so called justice system in this country is disgusting.

QuiQuaiQuod Fri 15-Dec-17 13:11:31

plus, apparantly that roundasbout/road where it happened, people have been complaining for ages its a dangerous place. maybe the drivers didnt see the woman, (surely theyd have felt somethng if they run over her-)but still something needs to be done.

AngelsSins Fri 15-Dec-17 13:32:06

In the past I would have thought they must not have realised, somehow. However, this year I've read a couple of stories about women being raped by 2 or more unconnected men in one night - So who knows? There's a lot of evil out there.

Bubblebubblepop Sun 17-Dec-17 12:03:05

What I meant was the fact that 4 people did the same thing in a row doesn't mean their individual sentences should be any more than usual does it?

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