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Why are you awake?

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NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:04:11

It's late.

I'm listening to "Modern Love" on repeat, my excuse.

MiracleCure Sat 11-Nov-17 03:05:12

Love problems, too!

RoryItsSnowing Sat 11-Nov-17 03:05:44

Night feed!

NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:06:04

steff13 Sat 11-Nov-17 03:06:41

It's only 10pm in Ohio.

NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:07:00

My mum said she listened to that song on repeat when she was pregnant with me. Then I started dancing to it unprompted at 4 when her and my dad had it on after one of my brothers was born. Meant to be.

NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:07:50

I met a woman from Ohio out near me a few months ago. She was great.

steff13 Sat 11-Nov-17 03:08:41

We're a pretty friendly lot. That's par for the course in the Midwest, though.

JustBeingJobless Sat 11-Nov-17 03:08:41

I’ve got a dodgy stomach and it’s making some really loud gurgling noises! Surprised it’s not keeping the neighbours awake too grin

NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:09:25

steff13 you are! All Americans I've met in London have been great though.

NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:09:52

JustBeingJobless oh no, I hope you feel better soon! The neighbours shall hopefully cope...

DiscoDeviant Sat 11-Nov-17 03:11:33

My children are with my ex husband at my house. He has them there every other weekend. I'm at my boyfriends, he's asleep and I keep meaning to go to bed but get distracted.

dratsea Sat 11-Nov-17 03:12:24

Having a cup of tea. It is 4pm in NZ

JustBeingJobless Sat 11-Nov-17 03:13:15

Even the dog moved away from me in disgust grin I fell to sleep on the sofa earlier, had a weird dream about my front teeth going red, and have now come to bed and am keeping myself awake with a gurgling stomach.

GoingToInfinity Sat 11-Nov-17 03:13:28

Another one doing a night feed.

NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:14:38

Salmonpinkcords Sat 11-Nov-17 03:15:12

I’ve just had a baby and am hand expressing colostrum as baby isn’t eager to feed!

TheWildOnes Sat 11-Nov-17 03:15:24

Youngest DS is 2.5 and still not sleeping through the night. He's woken up 4 times already, now I'm wide awake, least it's the weekend so no reason to be up and out early.

NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:15:33

dratsea and steff13 are rubbing it in. They are meant to be awake at those times...

hellybellyjellybean Sat 11-Nov-17 03:18:20

Woke up as dh was asleep having a nightmare and started shouting then hitting my arm. Only very early pregnant and haven't been sleeping well and feeling v nauseous so a but irritated I've been woken as now wide awake!

NamasteNiki Sat 11-Nov-17 03:19:08

That's the single version. Get the proper length version of Modern Love from the Let's Dance album.

NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:19:18

Congratulations Salmon on your baby and helly on your pregnancy!

Battleax Sat 11-Nov-17 03:19:39


And trying to work out how to finance a career change.

NoLoveofMine Sat 11-Nov-17 03:20:00

Is that this?

RoadrunnerMeepMeep Sat 11-Nov-17 03:21:08

I have to go to work soon. And I'm in the UK, just start very early. But I had been woken up 3 times by dc since I went to bed so I probably would be awake now even if I didn't have to be up.

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