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How do I deal with this dance teacher?

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Confrontayshunme Tue 24-Oct-17 21:23:45

I took my DD (5) to a taster acro dance class at a local performing arts school. They were close to home and well reviewed and my daughter was desperate to try it after an acro holiday club in the summer. The school director was great and answered my questions about cost/uniform/performing and said to come to the taster class (with a new well-qualified acro teacher). I filled out no photo or video release forms and didn't pay anything. I am careful with photos and video of DD as my MIL works in child protection and cautions against it. (BTW I love my MIL and trust her so don't tear the post apart based on this.)

There were 18 girls aged 4-7 and about 5 were new and trying the class. Parents were specifically told they could only view the first taster class.

She emailed me the next day and asked how it went. I said (these exact words) that DD loved the class but I had two questions:
1. The teacher was asking them to do lots of bending and stretching and saying "Please don't do this move till I get to you." But with 17 small girls many were trying back bends and headstands off a mat on hard floors. You were there to help guide them this week. Are you usually at the classes?

2. During the stretching, you turned your phone sideways and said "You were doing so well I wanted to make a video!" I didn't sign a release and just wanted to know what your policy is with regards to videos and how they are used.

Then, in less than 15 minutes (I took a shower and fed baby away from phone), I got multiple calls, texts, FB messages and emails. All very angry. "You are very mistaken. You need to call me right now. I would never video. Our teacher is new but she is a qualified British Gymnastics coach. We don't let children do any moves without mats." Then I wanted to give her some time to cool down as I really wasn't being overly precious, so I explained that maybe my email came off as critical and I hoped we could discuss it the next day.

If she had just said "I am really sorry. We had a new teacher. It was busy and I shouldn't have made a video," I would have been fine. But instead she made me feel stupid for even enquiring about safety and child protection, which is pretty basic if I'm going to leave my kid there 90 minutes a week.

Now I am wanting to do the British thing and never go within a mile of this school ever again. After another half dozen messages of denial sent to my fb, email and text, I decided to just leave it alone.

Another friend has asked me how it went and wants to send her DD. Do I send more parents their way, keep mum, or tell her what happened?

lookatyourwatchnow Tue 24-Oct-17 21:27:25

She’s shitting yourself that you might report her to her regulatory body for videoing without parental consent.

TheNoseyProject Tue 24-Oct-17 21:32:58

And you should report her. Is 17 kids even a manageable number?

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