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My 4 year old has the same sleep pattern he did at a 1yr

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Typpical Mon 23-Oct-17 20:42:57

I'm exhausted, absolutely completely and totally exhausted. He is awake 5 - 6 times a night, we now take turns on co-sleeping with him - he starts off in his bed and then one of us will join him after his first wake up. I know we'll have our critics for this approach but I'd challenge anyone who has not had a full nights sleep in 5 years not to resort to whatever works (albeit still not great!). He wakes up genuinely scared and its gotten worse since he started school. He is the child that never stops, never sits still and his mind, ideas and thoughts are constantly whirring round. He wakes up worried about something and normally scared from an over active dream. He'll only go back to sleep if he knows one of us is with him, and seems to sense if we move away - he is very restless in his sleep making it a real challenge to co-sleep with him - i.e. he mainly wants to sleep right up against you but will fidget all night long. I'm worry about him and feel frustration in equal measure. In all other ways he is a very happy, affectionate, very bright, curious boy - the world amazes him and he so curious about everything, he constantly wants to find things out, asks questions and is very, very active but it's like he can't shut that down. I'm not sure why I've even writing this here - other than AIBU to be at the end of my tether and want a way forwards - but I want a way which continues the parenting style we've always had, this isn't a bad behaviour issue, this is a little boy who gets scared. I feel like I go round in circles.

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