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StressedtoHellandback Thu 19-Oct-17 21:43:30
This is a thread I started a while back. It was bad enough then but now a DGC have been saying some hurtful things. I know that they are hearing these things from DAC and ExH. The ExH seems to be getting braver as time goes by. He does not say anything directly to me but clearly is saying plenty to my relatives.
Some of my friends have heard the way DC and DGC speak to me and have been quite vocal in their condemnation. I am constantly told to ignore them and not communicate with people who treat me so badly. However these are my children. It does not feel right for a DM to give up on children. I really dont feel I can cope with another generation of younger relatives causing me upset.
I have met someone and so far I have been too scared to say to my DCs. He has seen the way one DC speaks to me and was not impressed to say the least. He is also saying leave them to it.
Would it be outrageous to leave them to whatever happens next.
I am also concerned that DGC are being left in the care of a person who Courts refused access to his own DCs and who then abused the DCs in an atempt to control me.
Any comment would be helpful

StressedtoHellandback Fri 20-Oct-17 11:56:57


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