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DD sent home from college for stapling her finger?

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ShoutyArt Wed 18-Oct-17 14:01:36

She had pulled it out before I had even got there. Ridiculous.


ButtMuncher Wed 18-Oct-17 14:05:19

Nope. Presumably she's 16+ and capable of administering first aid and/or getting further help if needed. I would have thought even at high school they wouldn't send a child home (or inform their parents) unless it was serious or the child had a medical condition which could make something innocuous worse down the line. Weird confused

DearMrDilkington Wed 18-Oct-17 14:05:23

How old is she? Why did she staple her finger?

ShoutyArt Wed 18-Oct-17 14:11:01

16 and it was an accident.

DearMrDilkington Wed 18-Oct-17 14:14:39

Ah I thought you meant she did it on purpose!

Yanbu, that's really ott.

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