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To rent room from awful ex

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Gimmeareason Tue 10-Oct-17 09:43:01

I briefly dated a man who turned out to be awful. He ended up ghosting me and was an alcoholic. He wasnt abusive or anything, he just behaved disrespectfully to me IMO.

I moved away and now a year later i want to go back to my old town and have a great few days planned. I dont like staying with friends because I like to feel like I have my own place if you get me, like I can come and go, do my own thing, come home late if I want, etc.

This guy Air BnBs rooms in his house.

Pros: The house is gorgeous and in a fantastic area of town right where I used to live so I can really recreate how life used to feel when I lived here
The price is well well below other rooms on Air BnB because he's loaded
Objectively on a non romantic level he's a sound enough guy so I'm sure we will have a drink together and catch up at some point etc. and have a laugh having dinner or listening to some music or whatever just as friends

Something is telling me its wrong although i dont know what.


I should mention that im really attached to this town and really wanted to go back on holiday for a few days and kind of make believe I never left 😂

Basically its a great house and great price, and as a host im sure he'll be great, im just wondering if its wrong or disrespectful towards myself to do it.

I should make it clear i am well over him and what happened back then.

Alittlepotofrosie Tue 10-Oct-17 09:43:51

That sounds like a recipe for disaster. You know he's not a nice guy so why would you want to reconnect with him in any way.

Shoxfordian Tue 10-Oct-17 09:44:38

Stay somewhere else

MagicFajita Tue 10-Oct-17 09:44:57

It's a ridiculous idea. I'm sure there are other rooms you can rent.

SloeSloeQuickQuickGin Tue 10-Oct-17 10:01:31

Sounds like you are looking to be subsidised. The price is well well below other rooms on Air BnB because he's loaded

And you want to drink and have a laugh with him? Oh aye! Then you'll be on here because boundaries have been blured and he thinks you're his booty call

WobblyLondoner Tue 10-Oct-17 10:02:54

Stay somewhere else - am amazed you're even considering this!

Gimmeareason Tue 10-Oct-17 10:30:32

Thanks so much guys - WTF was I thinking???

Different place booked, found a whole flat for just a little more 😊

RosiePosieRosie Tue 10-Oct-17 10:31:35

Thank god - that sounded like a recipe for disaster!

Gimmeareason Tue 10-Oct-17 10:32:39

Yep. Im clearly not yet not entirely a hazard to myself 😉

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