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To not like my new VERY expensive Tempur Cloud

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froggers1 Thu 21-Sep-17 12:46:05

Waited 5 weeks for this to be delivered..I like a really soft mattress but it's hurting my hips and doesn't feel that soft...I think I may be the Princess in the Princess and the Pea..anyone recommend a better bed for a side sleeper? I've got 100 days to return it....

tkband3 Thu 21-Sep-17 12:54:42

I really didn't like the Tempur mattresses when we were looking for a new one recently, but the fully sprung one we chose wouldn't fit up the stairs! So we ended up with a hybrid mattress - it's foam on top, but has springs of both worlds.

I sleep on my side and often get pain in my hips and back when I wake up. I had bursitis last year, which was really painful when lying on my side in bed.

I have to say it's the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on - a true revelation. No more hip or back pain and always a good night's sleep - highly recommend it smile.

froggers1 Thu 21-Sep-17 12:59:22

I had a hybrid before that gave up the ghost. What make did you go for?

cmwife Thu 21-Sep-17 13:34:55

It took us around 3 months to 'wear in' our Tempur mattress - totally worth it though once it was broken in!

5rivers7hills Thu 21-Sep-17 14:22:36

All beds take 4 weeks to get comfy I think, see if you can hold on for a bit to see if it improves.

I found a feather topper on top of my firm memory foam mat helped.

I've got a simba now - I think it's soft but also supportive if that makes sense. Certainly softer than my old memory foam one.

I tried the Leesa but didn't like it. Too soft and bouncy.

froggers1 Thu 21-Sep-17 14:27:12

Ok I'll keep going for a bit..not helped by the fact I've got a bad cold..

woofsaysthecat Thu 21-Sep-17 14:30:15

I’ve gone for a John Ryan by design hybrid mattress. They answered a ton of my questions and they recommended a mattress based on our height and weight.

Hissy Thu 21-Sep-17 14:31:58

You have 100 days, absolutely evaluate it. If it needs to go back, it can.

My OH has the hybrid and although I am not sleeping on it every night, it's soooo comfy

olivesnutsandcheese Thu 21-Sep-17 16:35:11

We recently bought a tempur mattress. DH loved it, but I was waking up with intense back pain for a about 4 weeks. I went back to that shop to look for a replacement and that night the tide turned, now I struggle to sleep on anything else. Definitely give it time

Capricorn76 Thu 21-Sep-17 17:17:31

Has anyone tried the Casper? Any good?

Toddlerteaplease Thu 21-Sep-17 18:25:14

I've got a Hyde and sleep memory foam mattress and it's ok but harder than I thought. Gave me terrible backache when I had my summer duvet on. But now I've gone back to winter quilt it's ok again. I really wanted a simba but couldn't afford one. Don't think I'll buy a mattress I've not tried out first again.

MaximumVolume Thu 21-Sep-17 18:29:42

I've got a Slumberland Serene hybrid courtesy of a Mumsnet product test last year & it's absolutely lovely. Perfect combo of soft & supportive. My only problem is that when staying away from home it highlights everyone else's bad spare beds & I long to get home to mine!

cmwife Fri 22-Sep-17 01:12:56

It helps if you get your kids to jump on it daily until it's broken in (forms bad habits though!).

MuddlingThrough1724 Fri 22-Sep-17 01:23:03

Give it time! I thought ours was uncomfortable to start with but loath to spend the night away as everything else is uncomfortable by comparison. The only thing that stops me getting better sleep is DH's epic snoring!

MrsOverTheRoad Fri 22-Sep-17 01:42:06

It could simply be the new're not used to it so your body is adjusting. Was your previous mattress very bad?

GardenGeek Fri 22-Sep-17 01:43:28

If you are sleeping alone then you may have too high a density/ grade.

Check what your foam density is with Tempur. Certain densities are for certain weights and whether you sleep alone or not. Its ridiculously complicated.

After trying quite a few foam mattresses and toppers - I had to get mine custom cut online (for so much cheaper) and was way better than all the branded ones as I got exactly the foam density I needed.

This is where I got mine from and they have a good starting guide but theres a lot of advice out there online in general.

GardenGeek Fri 22-Sep-17 01:53:08

omg and I just googled the price of your mattress! shock

Smitff Fri 22-Sep-17 01:58:12

We tried a Casper (DH says the mattress trade is a racket, Casper cut out the middle men and showrooms. He probably read An Article or something, dragged me to a furniture store near us where they had a couple of display). It was awful. Even he said so. Hard but hollow - didn't even know that was possible. Just felt improperly built.

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