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To not do something?

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YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 14-Jun-17 21:27:01

Tonight DS1 (10) says 'Nana gave me permission to call someone a retard today'. I try to restrain my instant WTF and ask why, telling him that he does not EVER have permission to use that word and if I ever hear him there will be repercussions.

He says 'Because he called me it first. He (boy in next year up) called me an 'F-word N-word retard'. shock

I ask what he means by N word and he tells me - it IS the N word. (Incidentally, Ds is white, the other boy is white, 90% of the school is white).

I go up like a blue light. It happened after school in the yard. I don't know if my Mam heard it or was just told about it. I have made it very clear that none of those words are acceptable and that I have less of an issue with fuck than I have with the other two words!

DS has begged me not to complain - and I know it is his word against the other boy's. But I'm really struggling with not speaking to someone about it. If I thought DS had said something like that I would be appalled. But, again, I don't want DS to be targeted - the other boy is Y6 and they are at that cocky about to leave stage: the Y5s are avoiding them.

RandomMess Wed 14-Jun-17 21:36:39

I think I would tell the school that you've been made aware that the N word is the latest craze in insult in the playground and could they address this in PHSE style so it's made clear that it's racist and unacceptable?

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