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to expect something other than a fruit shoot to be available to drink at a 5 yr olds birthday party???

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mrspink27 Sun 18-Mar-07 20:11:35

Message withdrawn

KaySamuels Sun 18-Mar-07 20:14:19

Does the village hall not have a tap? Are you from some third world village?

tinkerbellhadpiles Sun 18-Mar-07 20:14:59

Forgive my ignorance - what is a fruit shoot? Is it like the stem of an apple (sounds like it should be?)

Seriously I'm assuming it's some sugar laden rubbish non-food with lots of e-numbers. Just the thing to wash down a turkey twizzler.

No you aren't unreasonable, there should be water definitely. However some parents think they are 'treating' kids by giving them junk, weird I know but each to their own.

Well done for having got through it without having a tizzy yourself and well done to your daughter for having some sense. She'll no doubt be asleep now whereas the other kids will be winding their parents up a treat right about now!

Go ahead! Enjoy the glow of good parenting

ucm Sun 18-Mar-07 20:15:18

Awww it was only the one, and she didn't even drink it. Credit to you that she drinks water

As for the food, I suppose it ^it was^ a childrens party and they eat crap at em!

gingernut Sun 18-Mar-07 20:15:32

Oh yes, my ds1 completely refuses any type of squash. He went to a party during the heatwave last summer and came back gasping for a drink because they were offered only squash. He did ask for water but never got any (and it was held at the child's home ). These days I always take a bottle of water for him.

foxinsocks Sun 18-Mar-07 20:17:01

it's only a party

I would have just left her there and come back later and you would have been none the wiser

Hulababy Sun 18-Mar-07 20:17:18

I agree that water should also have been available.

As for the food, etc. I just keep my expectations for part food quite low and then you are never disappointed and sometimes very happy instead.

I can't imagine the eating of food will take a huge amount of time up at DD's party nxt week to be honest!

fairyfly Sun 18-Mar-07 20:18:29

What is the world coming to???????

People being up there own arses i think. It was one day. I know lots of studies say Fruit shoots lead to Heroin. Or perhaps they don't..... perhaps it doesn't matter.

mrspink27 Sun 18-Mar-07 20:18:43

It was worse than a chimps tea party! Shocking thing is they offered Duchy originals biscuits around for the parents with the the cups of tea and coffee!!!!

daisy1999 Sun 18-Mar-07 20:19:01

I don't let my dd have fruit shoots normally but at someone else's house or a party I relax a bit. Yes unreasonable imo.

PestoMonster Sun 18-Mar-07 20:19:15

I always used to take water for my dd1 when she was younger as she won't really drink anything else. Now she is 9 and always asks for tap water.

Zog Sun 18-Mar-07 20:20:09

lol ff

nickytwotimes Sun 18-Mar-07 20:20:41

i don't think you are being unreasonable, but it was just a party. think of all the crap we imbibed as kids in the 70s and 80s!

LilyLoo Sun 18-Mar-07 20:21:41

Fair enough she should have had water but maybe mum v stressed as we all know partys can be. To be fair agree with Hulababy it same for most partys junk food etc think it's only a one off and to be fair eating food isn't that appealing when they are so excited just think it pretty normal TBH.

mrspink27 Sun 18-Mar-07 20:22:42

Fairyfly, Slightly tongue in cheek OP -although I am not up my own arse... just would have expected water to be available.
I know it was one day... just dont see a birthday party as an excuse to serve 'junk' food thats all.

As for leaving DD, she is 4 and wanted me to stay, as did the majority of parents, I did not make any comments to DD about the party especially as she didnt really want to go in the first place.

gingernut Sun 18-Mar-07 20:23:06

? OP asked if it was unreasonable to expect water as alternative to fruit shoot I thought (see thread title). I don't think that is unreasonable! The rest is just a rant as she admits .

(I wouldn't care about the rubbish on offer, just do care when my child doesn't get a drink of water if he asks for one).

fairyfly Sun 18-Mar-07 20:23:54

A birthday is a day to have "junk" thats the point.

Kbear Sun 18-Mar-07 20:24:48

But don't 5 years just run around halls when they get the chance? What were you expecting?

I don't buy the dreaded Fruit Shoots for my children either but DS was at a party today and slurped his one down with gusto. He did turn to me and say "you don't like me having these do you mum" and I said "not really but it's okay at parties".

Not the end of the world mrspink. Maybe try and relax a bit about it when you're out and you'll enjoy parties a bit more. We have to suffer enough of them after all.

nickytwotimes Sun 18-Mar-07 20:25:05

"...don't see birthday party as an excuse to serve junk.." mrs pink, i was on your side till then!

beckybrastraps Sun 18-Mar-07 20:25:34

Yes, it wouldn't have hurt to make water available.

But children running around madly and spending the minimum of time eating crisps and icing sounds about normal for a party.

Did your dd really sit out and only eat grapes?

mrspink27 Sun 18-Mar-07 20:25:59

I am obviously a food snob because I choose not to feed the DDs 'junk' even on a birthday... I was just asking about the water thing...

Kbear Sun 18-Mar-07 20:26:00

Oh and do agree, water should have been available anyway - what with all that running.

I am intrigued by the "near the mark" balloon man. what was he up to then? !!

DumbledoresGirl Sun 18-Mar-07 20:26:41

I would imagine the problem was not that there was no source of water in the village hall, but that there was no cup to put it in.

I have nothing against fruit shoots myself, but my ds2 only drinks water and milk so I know there have been occasions when he has come back from a party very thirsty. I can't get worked up about it tbh (I blame ds2 for being such a fussy eater) and just ensure he drinks enough when he gets home.

Hulababy Sun 18-Mar-07 20:27:29

Seeing as I have paid out a fair bit of money of the hall and bouncy castle for DD's party I am really really hoping that what the 5 year olds want to do most at DD's party is to run round and have a great time!

The food boxes, I hope, will be a mix of healthy and not-so healthy! The children have already chosen their own drink choice anyway! Party bags will have a piece of chocolate in.

And I am serving alcohol to adults who stay

DumbledoresGirl Sun 18-Mar-07 20:28:33

Hulababy, is that bribery or corruption?

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