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To hope that just because the jury has been discharged in the Harris case

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viques Tue 30-May-17 13:25:39

That he will not see this as justification to start doing the rounds of the morning TV and chat shows.

A discharged jury is not the same as a not guilty verdict, though I have my doubts as to whether the CPS will bring this back to court.

foul abusive man.

KurriKurri Tue 30-May-17 13:57:44

Hopefully no one will invite him onto TV shows He's still a convicted sex offender even though this particular trial fell through.

And yes he is a vile man, he's also very arrogant and thinks he;s done nothing wrong, so it wouldn't surprise me if he tried to tout himself around as some sort of 'victim'. Watch out for a tell all book deal or an atrocious whining song.

waitforitfdear Tue 30-May-17 13:59:15

He thinks he's a victim it shows in his demeanour

FreeSpiritJen Tue 30-May-17 13:59:51

OMG I can't imagine anyone wanting to let him voice 'his side!!!' shock

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