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URGENT HELP PLEASE: has anyone done the ACA FAR exam?

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helppleasestudentinapanic Mon 22-May-17 22:54:16

Please help.

I am taking it in 2 weeks time and at such a loss how to prepare for it.

I am at college, have a workbook, course notes etc. etc. but nothing is going in or sticking. I am also very concerned I have left it far too late!

Please help. Any ideas on how I can rescue the situation please?

carrie74 Mon 22-May-17 23:04:36

It's been a LONG time since I sat my ACA exams, but it was all about question practice, lots and lots of question practice. Go to your course tutor and ask for some advice too. And remember, you only need to pass. Some might suggest getting 51% is the perfect mark...

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