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To think that people need to consider the type of dog they are getting!

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Iris65 Sat 13-May-17 07:20:05

Until our house purchase completes we are living in a rented house. It is a tiny two up, two down terrace in a heavily built up area. Neighbour to the left of us is nearly 90 and has her grandson living with her because he can't find anywhere to rent. The reason he can't find anywhere is because he got evicted from his last rented place having bought a huge, noisy dog. Its big, like small shetland pony big, looks like some sort of mastiff/boerboel/rhodesian ridgeback mix and he is not neutered either. Grandson can't find anwhere to live because most rentals don't take pets. He knew this when he got the dog. It barks constantly and has broken the fence to our garden trying to get at our cat.
Neighbours to the right of us have clearly been charmed by big ass dog and have gone and got an almost identical dog - but female. Quite young but already big. It arrived last night and we were alerted by the barking competition that erupted across our garden. (All three of which are really tiny yards not gardens). There are four adults in the family (living in a two up, two down) and they all work fulltime so who knows what the dog is going to do. Of course they may drop the dog to doggy daycare or employ a walker everyday - but somehow I don't think that's the plan.
Another 'bonus' discovered at 6.40am this morning is that dog training involves lots of loud voices, repitition and shouts to other members of the family to come and join in.
Thankfully our cat is very streetwise and battle hardened but she is definately more nervous than before. Poor kitty. I had planned to tidy the garden up before we move out but feel that she needs the cover so will leave it as it is!
I know that we are moving soon but AIBU to feel that people ought to think about the size and breed of dog and its suitability for where they live before they get it?

RoseGoldProsecco Sat 13-May-17 07:23:40

I've often thought that you seem to find: the bigger the house, the smaller the dog, and vice versa!

But it's not the size or breed that matters, it's the ownership. If they are poorly trained or looked after, that's when you'll notice it. it's always the fault of the human!

Sorry you have barking on both sides. I adore dogs, but that must be annoying sad

GloGirl Sat 13-May-17 07:24:22

Yanbu. There are too many people who buy what they like the look of rather than their circumstances. And some sort of obstinate belief that whilst everyone will find that breed agressive or stubborn they'll manage to be a better owner than average. Despite never having owned a dog.

Iris65 Sat 13-May-17 08:40:42

So far young dog is lovely and its really only early days. Just met them returning from an early morning walk so here's hoping the dog will get lots of exercise. They certainly seem keen on training 😊

Soubriquet Sat 13-May-17 08:42:42


Some people don't think

Especially with large working breeds such as huskies

They just see the aww puppy factor and forget they need lots and lots of exercise

I have a chihuahua. She's perfect for me. Small enough to not need miles of walking but big enough to still be walked

AwkwardSquad Sat 13-May-17 08:50:08

You have my utmost sympathy. I live in similar housing and have dog-owning idiots on either side. Thankfully not quite as stupid as your neighbours, but annoying enough! And oh god yes, the shouting! SIT! NO! NO! OW!

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