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Just feeling unlucky

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anastasia38494032010 Sun 16-Apr-17 16:09:22

Sorry-long. I just felt the need to complain even for a couple minutes.

Soooo here it goes the very long story made (quite) short
-Studied & lived abroad
-Decided to come back home for family, was engaged, all fantastic. Came home into my very small home town
-Broke up with my fiancé (6 months ago)
-Stuck here in this very small city with v few friends
-Got a decent-ish job
-Gained weight which I cannot shift, because I am basically eating all the time

Point is: I feel so damn lonely. I met this guy a couple of weeks ago (at a reunion). Kissed, chatted etc. He lives in another city. We kept in touch a bit after, he said he wants to see me again, but no sign of him in more than a week, obviously I didn't contact him.

I know, first world problems. But I feel lonely. I want to feel loved & appreciated and I need something good to happen to me...

Happy Easter, everyone smile

StillDrivingMeBonkers Sun 16-Apr-17 16:27:23

Everything in small steps. Pick one thing you want to change and work on that. For arguments sake, lets say weight - go to Slimming World, you'll meet mad new people (its quite funny really), and you'll start to feel much better about yourself. Once your confidence is up then better things tend to happy to those with a sunnier disposition, because they look for the good things in life.

I'm never one for 'join a club' unless you really have an interest in Nordic Walking for Beginners hmm but what I would say, at work, on your bank of desks, as if anyone would like to go and see X film this week, because you'll often find that even people in relationships don't always have someone to do things with. Doesn't need to be a film, could be anything that takes your fancy.

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