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To ask about tonsils ?

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1234tellmethatyou Fri 14-Apr-17 19:48:36

I've had a large tonsil for quite a while, months not weeks. It quite often gets 'stuff' building up which irritates me until I can pop it out (tonsil stones)?

Anyway whilst squeezing another thingmy out earlier it's occurred to me my tonsils don't 'match', one is much larger than the other . It's also got red patches where it looks as though it's been bleeding. As if it's been scratches and not healed (quite possible)

Would this just be trauma from poking at it or something a GP should check? Saw a dentist yesterday and they mentioned nothing, also had full blood counts several times recently and no one's said anything is off.

I'm non smoker, late 20s. Had adenoids removed years ago as they were far too big apparently and blocking airway.

Probably TMI but have attached a lovely photograph blush

Sorry, Google has me semi convinced it's a very serious issue ..

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