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Aibu to ask you if ok for my dd to sleep on her tummy

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londonrach Tue 04-Apr-17 09:33:28

Dd is 8 months and the last 8 months shes been placed on her back end of cot etc. She can now roll and im finding she flips onto her tummy to sleep. I then flip her back onto her back. However last night i ended up flipping her at 11pm, 1am, 4am and 6am. She didnt wake once during the flipping. Dh did the 11pm flip. I know pfb etc but i dont it safe to just let her sleep on her tummy now. Ive not had a baby before and the whole cot death worry is drilled into us. She puts her head to the side but is totally flat to the bed. Is that safe

AssassinatedBeauty Tue 04-Apr-17 09:37:13

Once they can move themselves it's fine to leave them. She'll be strong enough to lift and turn her head, and she is well past the high risk age which is 1 to 4 months old.

londonrach Tue 04-Apr-17 10:08:48

Thank you. Ill try and relax then.

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Tue 04-Apr-17 10:27:14

I think you should do what you feel comfortable with, discuss with a HCP if you're worried. But I can tell you that I followed the advice given with DC1 and back then it was to put them down to sleep on their tummy. It even lead to family squabbles because DM thought they 'looked so awkward' but they settled really well.

Of course later when the advice totally changed I was horrified because we'd been taught something which was totally reversed with the Back to Sleep campaign.

AssassinatedBeauty Tue 04-Apr-17 10:30:46

The Lullaby Trust says:

"Once your baby can roll from back to front and back again, on their own, they can be left to find their own position"

Batteriesallgone Tue 04-Apr-17 10:33:20

I was told (babies 5 and 2 years ago) if they got themselves into that position it's safe to leave them.

So put her down on her back, but no need to flip if she turns.

Only caveat to that is if you know she isn't able to roll front to back. Have you seen her roll front to back in daytime?

Is she crawling? If so it could be time to relax about sleeping positions as it's pretty likely she'll crawl around in her sleep.

DanDanDanDanDan Tue 04-Apr-17 10:36:02

I didn't read "lullaby trust" I read "lullaby" and thought the words you write were lyrics! I was trying to work out how to sing it in my head hmm

AssassinatedBeauty Tue 04-Apr-17 10:36:59

grinthat would be an odd lullaby!

Cutesbabasmummy Tue 04-Apr-17 10:39:27

Don't worry she'll be fine. My DS now 2 always sleeps on his tummy with his bottom stuck up in the air! He's done this since he could turn over.

TedEriksen Tue 04-Apr-17 10:44:42

My DS now 2 always sleeps on his tummy with his bottom stuck up in the air! He's done this since he could turn over.

Our DDs were the same! You'd lay them down on their back, then turn around and there would be the bum sticking in the air.

Don't worry about it - at 8 months and thereabouts they can be very 'mobile' in their sleep. Ours would roll from one end of the cot to the other and end up in all sorts of strange positions!

EnglandKeepMyBones Tue 04-Apr-17 10:48:49

As far as I'm aware the risk is reduced as long as you put them down on their backs, always. If they then roll and find their own position it's completely fine - if they get themselves into a position they can get themselves out of it!

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