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To think he can't possibly be hungry.

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ZooLife Mon 27-Feb-17 16:57:50

My 3.5 year old is always hungry or so it seems. He'll have breakfast then minutes later ask for something to eat. Same with dinner lunches etc. He can't be hungry all the time surely?! He is a good eater and eats large meals I'd say. A typical diet would be say a banana (whole) and porridge or bran flakes for breakfast. A sandwich and soup/salad for lunch sometimes fruit/yogurt afterwards. Then something like salmon/noodles or beef/chicken potatoes for dinner always with veg. Usually followed by yogurt/fruit or sometimes sething like a pancake or custard. Often also has snacks of fruit in the day or maybe hummas and pepper sticks. I know a few things I've been going wrong in terms of filling him up lately e.g. Haven't been giving him Greek yogurts as normal yogurt has taken over lately. If I'm cooking he'll want whatever it is e.g. some rawcarrot or fruit if preparing those. He seems to ask for food constantly and if he has a treat eh kids cereal bar, kinder bar etc he'll keep nagging if he knows there are more in the house! I'll admit my own diet has been poor lately in terms of cakes biscuits etc so he's been having more of those too but still eats main meals. I'll need to stop those as seems obsessed with them! I'm just so disappointed he doesn't seem to have a good relationship with food. I did blw and he's always been a good eater and food has always seemed important to him. He isn't overweight I don't think. Sits around 90 centil for weight and height normally. I do worry he will become overweight if his food obsession continues as he gets older. So
Aibu to think he isn't actually hungry and he's just in a habit of constantly demanding food and if so how can
I stop it as it's so irritating!

CrohnicallyPregnant Mon 27-Feb-17 17:02:37

I find DD (4) can get into the habit of snacking because she's bored. If I take her out (and don't take any snacks) or get her involved in some crafts or something so her hands are busy then she seems to forget about being hungry.

I try and give her more protein foods as snacks when she does need them- so a bit of cheese, milk, handful of nuts, even random things like a leftover sausage!

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