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Bloody bras - Help! Up in the cup or band??

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cjt110 Mon 27-Feb-17 11:13:54

Have posted on my other ongoing thread but posting here for traffic.

Synopsis. I did the bra intervention. My band width measuring 36 and my bust at 90 degrees measuring 41. Came out with a 36DD. Got some and found the band digging in quite a bit. With Sorrell's advice measured the stretching length of my old bra which was a 34D which measured 36". New Bra 36DD measured 34. Exchanged these for a 36E. Fits better but am still finding red weld marks on my body where the band fits.

Have spoken to the store who have said they will exchange again.

Do I go up in the band or the cup in this scenario?

cjt110 Mon 27-Feb-17 11:14:31

Oh, meant to add, I've even put an old bra extender on with it this morning which gives me an extra 2 or so inches and have red welds.

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