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Random phone call help!!

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confusedat23 Thu 09-Feb-17 12:45:32

Hi i really need your ladies help!

I had a number call my phone a few days ago and it was what i thought was a young girl playing games just calling and hanging up the phone etc. The same number has called me twice today and its an old lady with dementia... she was crying because she is confused. Ultimately i have no idea who she is and i tried to calm her down before saying goodbye. Its playing on my mind now and its really bothering me that i feel like she needed help.

Is there anything i can do? Is there any charities i can pass the details onto etc to make sure she is ok and has support from someone?

RacoonBandit Thu 09-Feb-17 12:48:08

If you have her number pass it on to adult social care or if they dont help age uk.

Not much more you can do really. You sound very kind and caring.

Buzzardbird Thu 09-Feb-17 12:53:30

I would dial 1471 to get the number and then inform Police on 101. You don't know that it is dementia and she could need help.

confusedat23 Thu 09-Feb-17 13:28:44

I called Age UK as it is a mobile she rings from I cannot tell where in the UK she needs to get help from.

Age UK have advised that I wait for her to call me back again and to gain information regarding her address etc. Then to report it to social services.

What I find hard to deal with is that my nan has called me like that (She has dementia) and although she didnt NEED help in her mind she deffo needed it. But without confirmation from her that she needs help no one is willing to do anything.

She is so confused when I ask if she needs help she just keeps saying she is inside.

Also no one will take her number due to data protection, but I think it has turned into a safeguarding issue now and that should be disregarded.

Penfold007 Thu 09-Feb-17 13:36:00

I'm another one suggesting you ring 101 and inform the police, I agree it is a safeguarding issue. My DM often gets numbers wrong, rings the wrong person and ends up very distressed.

wishparry Thu 09-Feb-17 13:36:06

Could you call her back and ask for her name and address?or just name and the town she is in?

MaidOfStars Thu 09-Feb-17 13:46:07

Call her back? She might be in a period of more clarity? Able to chat with you?

Hello, are you OK? You phoned me earlier and I didn't recognise the number. What's your name? Do you need me to contact anyone for you? etc.

Just to see. She might put the phone down on you, stranger danger and all that. But if she's able, she might be willing to talk, to see if she has a wrong number in her address book etc.

confusedat23 Thu 09-Feb-17 14:21:34

I work shifts in security and so I am desk bound (no phone allowed) Until at least 17:30 when I get home.

I am ashamed of my reaction as because I thought it was a prank caller I was quite blunt demanding to know who it was. I do not wish to cause her anymore distressor concern.

Penfold my DN is the same!

I will try her when I get home from work as I will be able to have more of a chat.

I know most people would just leave it but I would hate for her to be needing help and to not be recieving it.

SapphireSeptember Thu 09-Feb-17 14:31:39

That's a really kind thing to be thinking of/doing. I second the advice people have already given, and wish you good luck! Hopefully you can help this lady.

confusedat23 Tue 14-Feb-17 13:44:49

Hi Ladies I just wanted to provide you with an update... I have spoken to the lady a few times now and confirmed she just wants to chat and does not need any help.

I have also discussed with her that she is welcome to call me if she finds herself in a situation where she needs someone

Buzzardbird Tue 14-Feb-17 18:27:26

Ah, that is really kind confused. Thank you for the update.

user1470251314 Tue 14-Feb-17 18:30:30

You could try age uk again most of them offer a befriending service to keep her company either on the telephone or face to face.

MarilynWhirlwindRocks Tue 14-Feb-17 19:14:00

The Silver Line would be ideal for her.

Well done, OP, for caring x flowers

BadlyStuffedFoxes123 Tue 14-Feb-17 19:27:03

Lovely to hear this OP. You might have been the only person to have a conversation with her all day. Good for you for caring x

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