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To be so wound up?

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MiLeidyGray Wed 25-Jan-17 00:40:18

Had to have a meeting with some friends I live with re communal issues. One was particularly difficult and tried to make herself into the victim when she is actually the one blatantly at fault. I'm articulate and can express myself but she is devious and very good at twisting facts/dodging the truth/presenting herself in a good light - I feel like she has got what she wanted all while painting me in a bad light! I'm really really upset and pissed off.

I'm particularly close to one girl in flat but feel my words have been twisted and so I'm not sure now about whether she still likes or trusts me!

Keep playing things over and over in my mind and regretting how I let myself be played. Plus finding it difficult now to be giggly and civil to first girl - even though I have to be/it is in my nature. Help. Am sobbing!

Strongmummy Wed 25-Jan-17 08:17:40

Sorry you're so upset. Without knowing the details of what happened it's very difficult to say if you're being unreasonable or not. However if you feel your words have been twisted then of course it's reasonable to feel angry and hurt. One thing however: you say you're articulate and can express yourself well. If you are allowing your words to twisted/people are not understanding fully what you're trying to put across you may not be as articulate as you think. Often you need to adjust how you speak/what you say to your audience. Therefore perhaps use this as a lesson. Think about how you might have said things differently to put your point across in a more compelling way and then maybe try and have a more positive discussion once the dust has settled.

picklemepopcorn Wed 25-Jan-17 08:26:58

You may need to have your conversations one on one- I bet the other girl is. I'm torn between letting the other house mates see you are upset- that seems to sway some people, and staying calm. How many of you are there?

picklemepopcorn Wed 25-Jan-17 08:28:13

Sometimes people will be unfair in a situation like this because the other party will kick up a bigger fuss and they want an easy life. Sorry.

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