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to be worried about how divided everyone is when it comes to issues?

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amispartacus Sat 21-Jan-17 18:02:46

Maybe people were before social media but it just seems so extreme now..

It seems like them and us. A lot of disdain for the other groups. A lot of hate almost. I am not sure if social media helps or hinders things. People seem to revel in saying things that they know will get other people's back ups.

It's worrying. There seems to be little concensus or attempts to listen to other people's POV. People who 'lost' are dismissed. People who think cetain comments are dangerous are labelled as snowflakes by prominant politicians. And people who voted differently are labelled as racist, thick and xenophobic.

It's really worrying. Maybe it's just social media and the words and views are magnified on both sides of a debate whilst many people just try to get on with their lives the best they can.

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