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Neighbours Radio keeping me awake!

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Sunflowers79 Wed 18-Jan-17 02:01:31

First post so be kind please.

There's a real possibility IABU about this however at almost 2am I'm beginning to lose all perspective.

We live in a terraced house and one of my neighbours is a single lady who almost every night without fail has her radio on so loud I can hear word for word the programme she is listening to. And it is on ALL NIGHT. We vary from drama to chat to classical music. ALL NIGHT!

Why I think I am possibly being unreasonable is we have 6 year old triplets who over the years have made so much noise I probably just have to suck this up.

I've tried ear plugs which were bliss but also meant I couldn't hear my DC when they called out (one of my DS has night terrors), so not really an option.

AIBU to think that having your radio on that loud all night is unnecessary?

This sounds so petty but I'm so sleep deprived it's like having babies all over again!!!!!

EveOnline2016 Wed 18-Jan-17 03:17:00

I would banging on the door and telling her to switch the thing off.

If not so confident call 101.

Crankycunt Wed 18-Jan-17 03:24:19

Is she elderly? Before my next door neighbour moved into a care home, you could tell when she switched off her hearing aids, because you could then hear the TV word for word.

You need to talk to her, failing that I suppose environmental health? Record just how loud it is.

7SunshineSeven7 Wed 18-Jan-17 03:33:16

I leave something playing in the background for when I fall asleep as I can't otherwise - very low volume though. Maybe she's doing this?

You do need to report. Record it now if you can and take it around to show her just how loud it is.

TiredBefuddledRose Wed 18-Jan-17 07:49:37

If you report her for that then just be prepared for her firing a few complaints back.
Try talking to her before making anonymous complaints like others have suggested, you said one of your little ones has night terrors - maybe that distresses her for some reason and she's trying to drown that out, invite her over for a cuppa, start with saying how you realise your triplets must disturb her sometimes (whether they do or not this makes you sound less confrontational and is more conducive to a positive outcome) then say about her radio and ask her is there any solution you could both agree to?

OhMrBadger Wed 18-Jan-17 09:41:25

She is probably falling asleep to it, but of company sort of thing. I would take a deep breath sand go to chat to her. Start by saying you hope your DCs haven't been disturbing her, the walls are thin etc etc.

You could also try this approach:

You: oh good morning Mrs X! Are you ok? Only we heard your radio going all night last night and we were a bit concerned about you? night, same thing happens...

Next day

You: sorry - me again! We could hear the radio again last night. I keep lying awake worrying now! Would it be ok if you turned it down/low just so we know you're ok?

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