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KENT versus london

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justforthisonce Tue 10-Jan-17 18:52:08

We are contemplating the big move from London to rural Kent Ashford area .

I am country born but London bred for the last 12 years .

A terrifying concept ,but a welcome change .

I have been advised by people rural villages would be too much of a change .

My dp is a women and we are concerned that rural villages might not accept our unconventional family and have been advised we should stay in London.

Aibu to think we should not be afraid of this predudice? Does anyone have personal experience of this move / area/?

We are quite homely people but very involved in our local community in London ,

Thank you in advance for any opinions

TitaniasCloset Tue 10-Jan-17 19:24:33

I live in London but would love to move to that part of Kent. I think you will be fine, I can't imagine any more prejudice than you night get from some people in London anyway. Good luck to you and I hope it goes well.

ferretygubbins Tue 10-Jan-17 19:36:10

I was brought up in one of the villages around Ashford and it wasn't that rural (that being said my family on both sides had links to the village going back several generations - names on war memorials etc) Except for me my family all still live around there - I don't know how unconventional you are but you'll fit in OK probably and you're only 40 minutes from central London with HS1. If you say which villages I may be able to be a bit more precise...

Lazyafternoon Tue 10-Jan-17 21:44:54

I was also brought up in a village, outside a small town, outside Ashford, Kent. But I moved away to London Suburbs. My little home town where I went to school and little village where we lived is lovely, really it's is. Very pretty. Very quaint. Great for a weekend. But no way would I move back there. It's not particularly rural as such as its only 20 mins drive to international station to France /London, but whenever I go to visit I get bored! I'm so used to having a choice of stuff to do, places to go. Also once out of Ashford town public transport is terrible. Have to drive everywhere, even to get a pint of milk. There isn't even anywhere that can deliver a takeaway to my mums, and shes in a village not middle of nowhere.
There are plenty of unconventional families in the country too, so that's not really an issue. I guess slightly more likely it'll be the first time your new neighbours will have met anyone in a same sex relationship. There are a lot of close minded people in the country, but then there are in cities. Just the usual thing of the country that as there aren't as many people, if you don't get on with a couple of people that's half the village and a bit more tricky to avoid and just find new friends. Some of my school friends are still there and they love it, but thinking about it they tend to stick together and known each other for twenty odd years (or more) - not sure if they have accepted any 'newbies' to the gang! wink

badhotfanny Tue 10-Jan-17 21:57:21

Don't think your family set up would be a problem. But Ashford is a shit hole (grew up there). Choose your village move wisely!

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