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Servicing contract

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userinfinity Fri 06-Jan-17 20:44:05

Hi, would be grateful for any advice

We're a small business and have a servicing contract with a reputable company where they service an appliance of ours for a year which will consist of four service visits. We had one service one month in and then heard nothing. Six months later we contacted them for an update (ideally, we should have kept on top of this) as we hadn't heard from them and were told we'd had two visits since the first but we were closed and basically these two visits will be classed as services having taken place. We have tried disputing this as we were never informed beforehand when they would be coming or even received a 'sorry you were out' type of message. We are open 9-5 , and closed bank holidays however we've been told the engineer called around 8.15 am and waited 30 mins.

Customer support has said that we never provided them with special instructions regarding time when we told them we've been closed and basically we can't be credited/partially refunded etc

I am just wondering do we have a leg to stand on if we persist with our case or can these big companies get away with this? We have had absolutely no communication at all about these missed visits, before or after until we queried.

Many thanks in advance for any advice

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