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Cyber bullying

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Sunnysky2016 Tue 03-Jan-17 14:45:51

Posting here for traffic and a hand hold really. Ds2 (11) started to receive messages over the Xbox off a boy in his year calling him names like fatso (yes he is overweight but is losing it slowly). He was upset when it first stated happening, at the beginning of the holidays, but it ceased for a week or so.
Last night it started again, and the kids are back at school today.
He told me he was going to confront this boy, and make him say it to his face. I didn't really know how to reply.
We talked about how bullies get off on the fear they install etc, and I explained I wanted to contact school.
He was adiment that he did not want that happening. So for now I've said ok, because I don't want to ruin the trust he had in me by confusing in the first place.
But I feel shot to bits over this. I am clocking watching, waiting for him to come home. Why do kids have to be so nasty? Luckily ds knows he is overweight, (he's also big built I.e tall for him age, wide shoulders etc just like all his ants and uncles on dp's side) and he is making the effort to lose the weight and has been since starting high school.
I just feel so badly for him, and except for lots of hugs, reassurance and being their to talk too, I don't know what else to do.
Should also add that he did confide in one of his female friends about what had happened last night, so bless her she was sending him funny videos etc on Instagram to make him smile which worked, and he made a comment around the lines of 'he walks around with one of his friends, at least I can walk around with a big group of my friends' so j know he knows he has some really good friends if that makes sense?
I'm just dreading him coming home and being upset again I guess?.....

SantaIsABastard Tue 03-Jan-17 15:01:39

It is so hard isn't it? It is their first toe into the social media scene and it can be a big step.

I would email the school and mask that they don't mention it to him, but they keep an eye. That's what I did and the school were really good about it and did a few sessions on treating people nicely and cyber bullying stuff.

Fuckingnamechanged Tue 03-Jan-17 15:05:54

Agree with Santas. I would talk to your son about why it's important that the kid in question is punished for his behaviour. He might be acting out because something is wrong in his own home and incidents like this often bring them to light. If he can't then ask the school to not mention it to your son that they know but to help keep an eye on the situation.

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