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No flaming Party Shoes!!!

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OopsDearyMe Sat 17-Dec-16 21:49:35

Bit of context:
Getting money from my X is always painful, he currently works part time, gets highest rate DLA, Working Tax Credits, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Credit. Ye only pays £5 per child per week maintainence. He refuses to work more hours even though he can because he know the maintainence will go up.

He agreed in mediation to pay for all school uniforms each September , but has not once done so. He pleads poverty but is never without his apple related tech which I know costs a fortune. There could be another thread really about his lack of financial responsibility to the children. But he seems to think because that £5 is all the CSA want its all he should cough up, despite it being pointed out to him how far that actually goes...

So DD2 has a Christmas Party on the Thursday just gone, On the Sunday she shows me the shoes she was going to wear, a glittery pair from Halloween. They are hurting her toes so she's outgrown them. I'm stuck my money is coming in Friday, AFTER the party! Only thing I can say to her is that as she has contact wit her Dad she could try and ask him. He works in Sainsburys so can use his discount and I'm hoping if she asks rather than me he might go for it. So she comes back from seeing him and tells me he didn't he them as he had no money today but would get them Tuesday , I text him to confirm and ask if he was also dropping them off Tuesday. The rep!y was I will let you know.

Being how he is , I decided to see what I could organise as a back up. I was able to sell some bits on Facebook, found some cheapish shoes on amazon, which arrived the next day and off she went happy. With all the chaos of the last week of school I completely forgot.

I just realised he never replied or turned up. ( I know I also should have told him I had got some myself, so I was wrong in that)

AIBU to be fed up of this ???

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