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Faryal makhdoom has lost the moral high ground?

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Fishface77 Wed 14-Dec-16 21:53:04

Reading about Amir Khan and his family issues.
Aibu to think faryal should not have posted a picture of her naked brother in law on social media?
Surely this is the same as revenge porn?

TMI26 Wed 14-Dec-16 22:01:44

Silly way to react really! ir went from being something the public was supporting her with to being a common family spat....

DailyFail1 Wed 14-Dec-16 22:42:32

I can see why she did it. In some Indian Pakistani families daughters in law, presumably she too, are shamed if they don't come downstairs fully dressed ie covered up. You end up being called a slut, whore, all kinds of names just for wearing crops (my mil had form for doing this to me and my brother in law's wife), yet it's acceptable for their sons and daughters to come down in underwear if they want. It's a double-standard.

DailyFail1 Wed 14-Dec-16 22:46:39

I got called a prostitute once for having breakfast whilst wearing a knee length nightshirt to bed (her daughter my sil has a matching one which she has never objected to). It caused a huge row after which she threatened to call all her relatives to tell them how I was abusing her. Thankfully I only had a mil problem - dh sorted her right out immediately as soon as he found out (I'd stupidly kept it from him). Looks like Amir probably hasn't stepped in when he should have.

Fishface77 Thu 15-Dec-16 06:57:01

Agree daily fail.
I think though he's stuck between a rock and a hard place! They all sound as bad as each other.
I also think the double standards are disturbing but I think there are double standards the world over not just Asian families. You only have to look at the stories here of mil who look after their DD children but don't look after their DS children to know that!

It's sad and she had highlighted it in such a positive way but now it's like a drama serial that you can't stop watching! 😬

Mellowautumn Thu 15-Dec-16 07:12:00

If he had stepped in and delt with it properly it would never have gone this far. He married her dressing and looking like she does now but expects her to take shit off his family and just keep quietens about it becauseit makes him look bad ? It makes him look bad that he has allowed his parents and siblings to treat her like this for a week let alone 3 years !

Fishface77 Thu 15-Dec-16 07:21:03

Defo Mello!
She has a DH problem.
I also wonder how realistic they all were to expect a girl from New York to settle in Bolton.
New York is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and Bolton is a (lovely) small slice of English life. hmm

Ninarina Thu 15-Dec-16 11:16:11

I'm sorry but I just saw her on This Morning. What has she done to herself. It was all very serious but then she said her in laws called her Michael Jackson and I'm sorry but I snorted.

DailyFail1 Thu 15-Dec-16 12:12:11

Being 'Michael Jackson' or 'Madonna' is code for too modern in the indo-pakistani world.

kissmethere Thu 15-Dec-16 15:06:26

I don't think so.
She is brave to been so bold. She had evidence of the double standard and exposed it. Terrible situation but Amir should have stood up for her long ago.

Rafflesway Thu 15-Dec-16 15:12:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fishface77 Wed 21-Dec-16 00:05:29

Could or would Amir have gotten so far in his career without his parents?
And if this was the brother in law who had posted pics of faryal naked would that have been ok??
All round strange situation.
As a young married couple they need their space!

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