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Unicorns, the tooth fairy, Santa and....

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Sparklycurtainpole Sat 26-Nov-16 09:23:17

Babies who sleep through the night.

All myths as far as I'm concerned.
On baby number three who still wakes every 45 minutes day and night regardless of what I do. Gp and Hv have been great but haven't got any more suggestions and are also at a loss as to why my kids won't sleep.
All three of mine have been like this and didn't sleep through until age 2 (current three year old still dodgy most nights, five year old still up at 5am every day)
Haven't had more than 2 hours unbroken sleep in over 5 years now.
Also, if one more smug parent tells me their baby sleeps 12 hours; they have to wake them up in the morning; or they've never had a broken night, I'm going all 'miss piggy' on them 😉😬

So, what other parenting myths are alive and well in your house?
Misery loves company, tell me I'm not the only one!

Smug sleeping comments along the lines of 'sorry but mine have always slept through' not helpful to this exhausted momma.

Come tell me your mythical beasts and creatures!

Oh and the AIBU?
AIBU wanting to launch myself at parents who tell me all about their beautifully sleeping babies when I've just disclosed the nightly horror in our house 😉😄

QueenMe Sat 26-Nov-16 09:28:58

Humans who put clothes in wash baskets.

Little boys who aim directly into the toilet every time.

Cats who follow instructions

QueenMe Sat 26-Nov-16 09:30:14

Oh and....

Mums who aren't tired. They are definite figure of imagination (and commendation imo) winkwine

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