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To not start the pill again?

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changedname26 Sat 19-Nov-16 06:38:37

Been ill for a long time with abdo pain, irregular periods etc. GP surgery started me on desogestrel tablets (mini pill) in July supposedly as a treatment for both, said my period should stop. GP said gynae wanted me to take the pill until November or so to see if it helped.

Unfortunately mid October I was admitted as an emergency to gynaecology and given morphine for the pain. Hospital said they wanted to induce a chemical menopause until they can do a laparpacify.

Had the first injection the end of October. GP reviewed me ten days later and said she wanted me to stop the pill . So I did with no ill effects. Pain lessens dramatically and no bleeding at all , able to return to my work.

On Thursday of this week GP phoned and asked if I'd stopped the pill. Yes , said I. Oh she says .. gynaecology want you to carry on with it until at least six months have gone by.

So I start taking it again , meantime I'm going back to work on a phased return after a month off.

I took the first pill again on Thursday night . This morning I've woken up with 5/10 pain and nausea , had to take cocodamol middle of the night and paracetomal and ibuprofen this morning. This is after reducing from dihydrocodeine to cocodamol once a day if that.

I'm really hacked off with the whole situation and considering stopping the pill again and telling hospital and GP why . I wont be seeing anyone until 29th but I can't work with this pain and can't take painkillers I'm prescribed for it as they sedate me sad

Wpuld it be wrong to just stop? I don't think I'd end up with a period as I'm not meant to have any oestrogen or fsh/lsh , it would just be my progesterone levels that are wonky .

changedname26 Sat 19-Nov-16 06:47:27

I wouldn't mind but I felt better ffs sad and now I feel I'm just back to square one , the pain had all gone sad

changedname26 Sat 19-Nov-16 08:50:11

Pain has gone now thank goodness. Still not taking the pill tonight, going to phone NHS 24 before I leave work and ask them if there would be any major issues with not taking it. I can't see there being any bleeding, I'm not having sex so don't need to be concerned about pregnancy.

changedname26 Sat 19-Nov-16 17:12:16

Ia it even worth phoning NHS 24? I could just not take it .. but three consultants and my GP are presumably all under the impression that I am sad

PushToOpen Sat 19-Nov-16 18:21:22

Im the mini pill did something similar to me. In my teens and about a year ago.

I ended up in hospital twice.

It's a no brained, I would stop the pill. This is your life we're talking about and at the moment the pill is about to ruin it.

Soubriquet Sat 19-Nov-16 18:24:24

I just started the pill two days ago.

Today is my 3rd day.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in agony with abdominal cramps. Sharp enough for me to not be able to catch my breath. Literally felt like someone was stabbing me through the gut with an occasional twist of knife up my bits.

The pain has gone now but my stomach feels really tender.

I would stop the pill. If your symptoms went away and then came back its obvious it's relatedb

changedname26 Sat 19-Nov-16 20:56:44

Yes, I'm not taking it. Will ring GP surgery on Monday and explain I feel 50 times worse and can't live like that . I'm only just back to work , I don't want to be off again ot back in hospital either.

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