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To say I love this song by Nicole Scherzinger SO much

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SleepFreeZone Sun 23-Oct-16 20:39:22

Im not usually a fan. I decided to just google her on YouTube and listened to a few tracks and I think this song is so hauntingly beautiful. Does anyone agree or AIBVU?

Pettywoman Sun 23-Oct-16 20:41:03

Sorry, I can't forgive her for the yoghurt ads. I can't listen to her.

SleepFreeZone Sun 23-Oct-16 20:44:17

Noooo I agree. We despise the dab of yogurt on her perfect nose in this house but honestly ..... Just listen... Go awwwn.

GandolfBold Sun 23-Oct-16 20:46:36

I love it too blush

SleepFreeZone Sun 23-Oct-16 20:49:50

👍. I feel as though it should've the Relationships board anthem.

SleepFreeZone Sun 23-Oct-16 20:50:11

*should be 🙈

AbsentmindedWoman Sun 23-Oct-16 21:14:03

Not my cup of tea at all!

ThreeSheetsToTheWind Sun 23-Oct-16 21:16:43

Yes. YABU. Your taste in music has no relevance to the rest of us! Really!

Why do you think we care?

Queenbean Sun 23-Oct-16 21:17:37

Ouch ThreeSheets. That was so mean that I couldn't work out if you were joking.

wysiwyg16 Sun 23-Oct-16 21:18:06

YABU. She's totally ruined Muller yoghurts and Herbal Essence shampoo for me.

ThreeSheetsToTheWind Sun 23-Oct-16 21:18:47

Actually.. I think it's even worse that you consider that to be music! I guess you were born in the 80's or 90's? Sad.. very sad... sad

ThreeSheetsToTheWind Sun 23-Oct-16 21:21:27

Not joking!

FerretFred Sun 23-Oct-16 21:26:56

I'm kind of confused about this AIBU lark.

How can liking a piece of music be unreasonable? IMHO it's crap, but not unreasonable that someone else should like it.

There's a thread on whether drying washing on a line is unreasonable and another on warming plates. Can people not think for themselves?

pinkiponk Sun 23-Oct-16 22:24:01

I was waiting for it to get going and found it very boring, and think it belongs on Graham Norton's 'I can't believe it's not better'. But it would be boring if we all liked the same stuff.

Arfarfanarf Sun 23-Oct-16 22:59:30

I think she's got a reasonable voice but no, that song is not to my taste. I dont go in for that sort of whiney stuff. But that's just personal taste. Its not a terrible song.

Arfarfanarf Sun 23-Oct-16 23:01:14

They can, ferret.
You're reading the posts and seeing the question and yeah if it's about the question i agree.
But it's not about the question. The question is just an opener. It's just chatting.

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