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to wish for perfection

(16 Posts)
Gowgirl Wed 19-Oct-16 15:42:51

In my mind I have this vision of a clean house, wholesome cooked meal and well behaved, clean children in footsie pajamas waiting to say goodnight when daddy comes in! I really aim for this calm and contented home..
BUT I went out all morning, the house is a mess, upstairs smells of boy and all three dc are running round in the devastation playing some form of game (it involves roaring). I will probably feed them on beans on toast and bribe them with cbeebies.

So I aim for Caroline ingalls and end up as marge Simpson....anyone else?

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 19-Oct-16 15:45:31

I don't have the same desire for perfection - I like the noise and mess of kids and dogs! So YABU and nothing wrong with good old Marge.

Gowgirl Wed 19-Oct-16 15:46:59

Marge has better hair than me, the lo stop my hairbrush, haven't seen it for daysgrin

Sparklesilverglitter Wed 19-Oct-16 15:48:41

I don't think perfection actually exists in life. It is just something that is sold to us in films.

Gowgirl Wed 19-Oct-16 15:52:45

Sometimes you get that tantalising glimpse though sparkle!
Caroline could get them to behave but quietly saying 'oh laura', I'm more likely to get shot at with a nerf gun!

Coffeeineedyou Wed 19-Oct-16 15:56:02

I agree perfection when DC are involved is not real- it's just film and tv programmes trying to trick us.

I lowered my standards years ago

JenLindleyShitMom Wed 19-Oct-16 16:02:44

I think my childhood was pretty perfect. My mum though would tell you she was run ragged chasing her arse from dawn til dusk. It's all about perception. Your DC will probably look back and think they had a great, happy childhood. Chill, ease up on yourself.

Gowgirl Wed 19-Oct-16 16:04:15

Before children I was going to have family meals around the table, teach them impeccable manners and converse about their day.....10 years and 3dc later I settle for everyone must wear pants at the table....

BrianMolkoismyPlacebo Wed 19-Oct-16 16:07:37

I try tok hard to keep my house tidy and I'm not even a neat freak tidy person! For some reason I can cope with parenthood and life better if the house is in order. But it rarely is so I feel stressed.
I want to revel in the mess!

milkyface Wed 19-Oct-16 16:12:25

Oh YADNBU I so want that.

In reality my house is clean and tidy but my living room is full of baby toys and my sofas have been scratched by my cats.

oh keeps leaving 'important things' crap in the kitchen and my garden / yard is a nightmare and I don't think I've ever had baby in jarmies and tea on the table when oh gets home.

I live in hope. I also kid myself that my next house will be perfect (we want to move soon!) ha!

BrianMolkoismyPlacebo Wed 19-Oct-16 17:23:38

Just opened a new tub of butter and the cover inside says "perfection doesn'thave to be perfect."

So make your own perfection grin

Newbienew Wed 19-Oct-16 17:30:54

Perfection is boring , tedious and staid.
Bring on the chaos !
BTW op do you achieve all dc pants at table smile

Gowgirl Wed 19-Oct-16 17:47:16

Newbie I do, and I'm aware I'm impinging on their self expression, I have an irrational horror of bare derrières at dinner😁

gettingitwrongputtingitright Wed 19-Oct-16 17:51:21

I don't want children ready to say goodnight to Daddyconfused I want Daddy to come in and partske in the battle family life.

Gowgirl Wed 19-Oct-16 17:54:55

He battles at weekends believe me, but as he has to go to work and i don't week days are my own uphill strugglegrin, hell I wouldn't want to battle the district line during rush hour then do the hell that is dinner and bath in this house...

wintersdawn Wed 19-Oct-16 18:01:39

I love the idea of perfection but reality interferes to much. Today is my one child free day due to school and nursery and with all the good intentions in the world I only achieved half my list and still didn't get a hot coffee from start to finish, there is no dinner on the table and I'll be making the bunting I should have completed yesterday at 10pm tonight.

But the play date we had over after school as skipped out the door with a big smile on her face and my DD thinks I'm brilliant as I baked cupcakes for their pudding so I'm taking today as a win!

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