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Aibu to try to 'vanish' the stains out of toddler's clothes?

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HughLauriesStubble Tue 11-Oct-16 13:01:29

Is there any point even trying of am I flogging a dead horse? 1.5 year old dd is an absolute terror for getting stains on her clothes despite my best efforts (bibs, stripping down for meals etc). Not helped by the fact that most girls clothes come in ridculously light colours.

I've bought a big tub of vanish but not sure if I can be arsed trying to de-stain partly because I don't believe it will work

Need some positive results stories please!

Thefishewife Tue 11-Oct-16 13:08:07

I brought this spray on stuff from tesco but you have to put it on just after they have eaten and it's still fresh I would couple that with stain powder

missm0use Tue 11-Oct-16 13:11:20

Vanish works really well with hot water - but only if the stain is still wet & if you haven't washed it before! We almost always have a basin with vanish on the go with baby clothes in it. Although I've taken to just striping DD off and just leaving her in her nappy to eat.

FleurThomas Tue 11-Oct-16 13:11:38

Have you tried those wearable plastic bibs with sleeves? They were a godsend for me with my dn

ALongTimeComing Tue 11-Oct-16 13:13:16

Vanish in the drum of the wash machine for nearly every wash works for us!

dementedpixie Tue 11-Oct-16 13:14:53

Washing up liquid and water rubbed into stains before washing helps too. Use bio powder too

blueturtle6 Tue 11-Oct-16 13:15:11

Yep vanish works for us, just run out and she has stains down a new white top sad

c3pu Tue 11-Oct-16 13:17:18

Sunlight on tomato stains works well too.

FrogFairy Tue 11-Oct-16 13:19:03

I have found the best stain remover to be the Astonish soap bar available at many of the cheap/pound shops. I soak bad stains in cold water for a while first then a good rub with the soap, leave for a few minutes then wash.

ShutTheFridgeUp Tue 11-Oct-16 14:20:44

I use washing up liquid too. If they're really bad I use soda crystals on the stain and in the wash. If they're still there after all that then I hang them out for the sun to do it's work.

eatsleephockeyrepeat Tue 11-Oct-16 14:25:41

You can try. If you succeed please tell me what spells you're chanting because I'm damned if it works for me!

DubiousCredentials Tue 11-Oct-16 14:28:07

Could you just whip off her top before meals and have an old one to put on instead?

HughLauriesStubble Tue 11-Oct-16 14:36:52

We have tried all manner of bibs and contraptions, nothing works! unless someone knows where I could get a toddler sized strait jacket grin

I've tried washing up liquid and sunlight, no joy. I think part of the problem is that we eat a lot of tomato based food plus we can only use ecover non bio washing detergent due to skin issues. I'd be cautious of putting vanish into every wash because of the skin problems too.

Soaking the clothes while the stains are still fresh is a good tip, might try that in future. Won't help the huge bundle of already stained stuff I have though! Might just chuck em all in a bucket of vanish water to soak and them give a good wash in the machine. Fingers crossed!

aVastBehind Tue 11-Oct-16 14:37:08

Vanish is good but has its limitations. If you wet the clothes and put them lying flat outside on a sunny day the stains will literally disappear. Well, any tomato or poo based ones do. Haven't tried it on anything else.

This has worked even on clothes that have been washed and tumble dried. It's like magic.

aVastBehind Tue 11-Oct-16 14:37:59

Just noticed you've tried sunlight. Not sure why it works for me. Have you tried lying them out soaking wet?

aVastBehind Tue 11-Oct-16 14:39:24

Also using vinegar instead of fabric softener is great and washing away residue. My DD has sensitive skin so I do this for most washes.

Clothes don't smell of vinegar once they've dried.

HughLauriesStubble Tue 11-Oct-16 14:40:40

Dubious we have tried stripping her down for meals but she still somehow manages to get stains elsewhere! Plus, dh who funnily enough isn't the one who does the laundry isn't as strict about it so if I'm not around for meal time, I'll come back and she will be covered in food hmm

Actually, on the same tack, had anyone else noticed that meal times are ALWAYS messier when it's dh who is in charge?

HughLauriesStubble Tue 11-Oct-16 14:43:18

Avast I've tried sunlight to stuff that has been freshly washed so it has been wet. I put it on the line and the clothes dried but the stains stayed.

Great tip about the vinegar though, I'll definitely try that! I use vinegar to clean the machine every once in a while.

youngestisapsycho Tue 11-Oct-16 14:44:33

Non Bio wont get stains out in my experience. I use Shout stain spray and it always works.

jjj789 Tue 11-Oct-16 14:44:50

I find our toddler gets stains on her clothes from oranges and they are a nightmare to get out. Any suggestions? It was easier when she was small although having a bucket or sink permanently dedicated to soaking vests was a bit grim!!

Yoarchie Tue 11-Oct-16 14:45:28

Only one solution here. Darker clothes.

Treat stains quickly if they happen.

Neither dc has any light clothing whatsoever here. Fortunately their colouring means they look much better in dark clothes anyway.

Goldorsilver Tue 11-Oct-16 14:46:01

I use the pink bottles of liquid vanish and it's really good at getting stains out. The only thing I've not been able to get out (but has faded considerably) is paint on a top which happened at nursery. I swear they must not use washable stuff as it won't budge!

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Tue 11-Oct-16 14:53:20

I use vanish. I chuck ds's (also 1.5 years old) darks in to wash and whilst they are in the machine puy the whites/lights in a bowl of cold water with a scoop of vanish then once the darks are washed throw the whites in the machine with some persil non bio (we also have skin issues and it's the only one ds and I can use) in one of those ball liquid holder things and a scoop of oxi and put on a 60 wash and they are usually stain free at the end

Stripeyblanket Wed 12-Oct-16 16:14:38

Might sound bonkers but good old napisan. It was designed to destain the old fashion terry towel nappies. I tend to do a pre soak then rise out excess and wash as normal with a bit of vanish powder too. If you don't rinse out napisan before washing it can rot your washer door seal - you can put it in with washing powder but I don't do this because of the issue with the washer seal.

Lillabet Wed 12-Oct-16 16:15:46

Vanish sensitive and sunlight works on tomatoes, banana, chocolate, orange and poop! It can take a while, so in our house any stained stuff is pegged out first thing and left out all day on sunny days. It even works on dried on stains too. I just have to make sure the stain is in direct sunlight for as long as possible. As much as I like autumn and winter I miss summer for the long sunny, stain removing, daysblushgrin

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