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To ask you to make me feel better by sharing stories about when you last made a total idiot of yourself!

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Eviecat83 Sun 18-Sep-16 10:45:31

So just took our cat to the vets. She HATES travelling, hates the car, hates the carry case and gets so so stressed out so it's always a stressful experience for all involved!

We decided to try taking her in a card board box with a lid as she loves those and regularly sleeps in them so we thought it might be less stressful for her. We were wrong! She clawed and she clawed and almost escaped, and she pooed herself, and cried and cried.

When we finally got her to the vets, one minute I was fine holding her whilst the vet was examining her, then the next with no warning I suddenly just burst out crying loud, uncontrollable, snotty sobs!

The vet and my DP both froze and looked at me in absolute bemusement, and I apologised and tried to compose myself only for it to happen again 2 mins later.

I mean loud, uncontrollable, snotty and embarrassing! It's not even like we were being given bad news, but I think it's the combination of the worry, the stress getting her there, the guilt at thinking a cardboard box was a good idea and then finally the relief that we had managed it.

As soon as we left DP turned to me and said, "do you feel like a dick now?" And I do!

So please tell me I'm not alone in making an absolute fool of myself today!

tibbawyrots Sun 18-Sep-16 10:46:56

Not a very nice thing to say to you!

Cocklodger Sun 18-Sep-16 10:51:42

Oh no OP! Well DH owns the company I work for, but we work in totally different places. He comes to 'my' part of the company about once a year maximum.
No one knows we are married. I have a pet name for him ( its fluffy, yes I know whoever reading this is reading with raised eyebrows!) Well DH was in the kitchen (Commercial pub) while someone opened a steamer near DH's face (Well done to the chef and my DH for standing in the way!) and he shouted ouch. I rushed over saying poor fluffy are you okay. Everyone looked at me like I'd grown three heads and DH face palmed.

TheZeppo Sun 18-Sep-16 10:56:53

My cat is exactly the same. Not surprised you cried! When she broke her leg I felt ridiculously guilty (I wasn't driving the car that hit her, but still).

It's cuz you love them- don't feel bad flowers

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